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The PTS ecology is popular in the world, and six of the 12-star palaces have been preempted

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The PTS ecology is popular in the world, and six of the 12-star palaces have been preempted

August 30
03:00 2019

The PTS (Protogonos Project) 12-Star Palace fire-fighting program was launched on August 27, 2019. The first three phases have ended. The first phase (Aries, Taurus) was snapped up for 15 minutes; the second phase (Gemini, Cancer) 59 seconds were snapped up; the third period (Libra, Scorpio) was snapped up for 30 seconds. In order to pay tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto and realize the true decentralization of the blockchain world, the Darknet team spent a year working hard to create the latest resonance mode: PTS (Protogonos Project). PTS is a new consensus tool to create a complete decentralization. PTS eco-creators hope to be like Nakamoto Satoshi: creating a token ecology with real value.

The PTS eco-starting team is doing the design ecological model, proposing rules that truly conform to the development of the blockchain, and selecting the twelve-star palace suitable for its development for the ecology. As for the PTS ecological dividend, the PTS eco-starting team does not participate in any form of dividends, and After the selection of the twelfth house, the ecological construction right will be completely managed by the Twelve Star Palace.  

For the Star Palace, 800ETH can become one of the twelve star palaces, with the earliest PTS tokens below the late resonance price; later participate in various promotion, contribution value selection benefits, and all the resonance generations. Currency; become the opinion leader of the PTS community, participate in and lead the development direction of the future PTS ecology; for the important links of later development, the node can also receive additional rewards for the PTS. Through the promotion and sermons of the Twelve Star Palace and members of the Star Palace network, PTS will have a number of digital currency holders.

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