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XINDA FINANCIAL: The investment platform has been completed, and the innovative projects will be joined soon

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XINDA FINANCIAL: The investment platform has been completed, and the innovative projects will be joined soon

September 19
23:40 2023

Through adversity, arrived in the stars, under the efforts of XINDA FINANCIAL, as one of the many users preferred financial transaction decision platform XINDA FINANCIAL with “take the user-centered” business philosophy, to users, continue to upgrade the user experience, through constantly gathering financial institutions, investment institutions, service structure and other resources has completed a comprehensive upgrade task, officially become a global investment platform. Today, XINDA FINANCIAL takes the platform as the carrier and combines online and offline, and is committed to providing more warm financial services for global investors.

Bid farewell to the past and embrace the future, the XINDA FINANCIAL system upgrade is to better integrate with The Times and create a better financial world. This platform focuses on upgrading the functions of online docking of financing needs, whole-process tracking of financing links, and full statistics of financing data, thus realizing the benign interaction between finance and the real economy. The major upgrade plan will comprehensively optimize all aspects of the XINDA FINANCIAL, including the technical architecture, functional expansion, user interface, and more. At the same time, the platform from a global perspective also attracts more excellent international projects to join. Of course, in order to protect the interests of investors, the platform will also invest more capital and manpower to choose more suitable projects.

Develop actively and create the future. After upgrading, XINDA FINANCIAL using the difference of foreign investment and financing costs, through the domestic initiative transaction structure, in the industry launched an innovative QDII fund account bond portfolio products and overseas characteristic fund structured products, and focus on the international, launched the overseas asset management, overseas real estate funds and cross-border financing solutions, provide customers with new overseas investment opportunities. In addition, on the basis of comprehensive integration of world resources, the platform gathers financial leaders and industry elites, builds a global financial business communication platform, and establishes the platform’s own “think tank” and “social circle” to realize information sharing, and jointly develop personalized global investment products for high-end customers.

Open the door of wealth and lead the dream of wealth. According to the latest news, in order to protect the interests of the platform members, XINDA FINANCIAL will introduce an emerging world frontier project, — Digital mining. Digital mining, or digital currency mining, is a process in which computers run algorithms to verify cryptocurrency transactions and receive rewards. At present, digital currency has become a new hot spot in the investment field, and its market value continues to rise, and mining is the main way to obtain digital currency. Digital currency is relative to the traditional currency, it is not controlled by any bank or control, so its value is highly volatile. Current global digital currency transactions are expanding, and increased mining power will reduce mining costs, making the mining market more attractive.

XINDA FINANCIAL The platform upgrade plays a crucial step for the future development of the Internet finance industry. More importantly, the new project launched this time not only marks the progress of the team in technological innovation and digital transformation, but also brings more convenience and investment opportunities to investors. Its launch will promote the global financial industry to become a more intelligent, open and win-win direction, and contribute to the global economic growth.

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