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Research-driven Innovation Revealing HOUSBRUG, the “Best Nutritional Beverage Brand in the Southern Hemisphere 2012”

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Research-driven Innovation Revealing HOUSBRUG, the “Best Nutritional Beverage Brand in the Southern Hemisphere 2012”

September 19
08:25 2023

A nutrition brand that is supposed to focus on production and sales, instead puts much energy on research and development and scientific research. This is the secret of its continuous sales for more than ten years. Recently, nutritional brand HOUSBRUG announced that it will open up more than five global markets this year, covering several major international markets such as China, Northern Europe, and Canada, making this largest nutritional drink brand popular in the southern hemisphere again the focus of media attention.

In 2012, in a joint selection by 15 global media, HOUSBRUG was named the best nutritional beverage brand due to the hot sales of its alcoholic drinks, collagen drinks, and other single products. The organizing committee believes that the competitive advantage created by solid R&D capabilities is the key to HOUSBRUG standing out.

It is reported that HOUSBRUG was founded in 2009 by John House, a Ph.D. in Chemistry, and Raman Capella, a Ph.D. in Nutrition. With functional daily beverages and candies as its core, it is the largest professional functional beverage manufacturer in the southern hemisphere. Its products include alcohol mate functional drinks, collagen drinks, anti-sugar drinks, whitening functional drinks, probiotic functional drinks, fat-burning drinks, vitamin nutritional drinks, refreshing drinks, hyaluronic acid drinks and other specialized functional products in multiple segments.

In the industry, HOUSBRUG has a reputation as a “functional beverage scientist,” mainly due to its well-known R&D team. It is reported that HOUSBRUG has a brand scientific research workstation composed of hundreds of scientific research experts, including scientific research academicians from various countries and winners of the world’s top life science awards. They have conducted a lot of research and development work on different ingredients’ characteristics and absorption rates for different application scenarios and groups of functional drinks. From 2009 to 2012 alone, HOUSBRUG applied for more than 100 brand patents worldwide, involving patented ingredients, patented formulas, patented designs and other fields.

In the direction of scientific research, using natural ingredients to solve functional sub-health problems of the contemporary population has always been the brand feature of HOUSBRUG. Take its popular product, HOUSBRUG wine companion drink as an example, which uses six patented technologies. Purifying pure green ingredients such as passion fruit powder, mangosteen powder, and chrysanthemum powder, can alleviate the impact of alcohol on the body and has become a must-drink for drinkers officially recommended by many national alcohol associations. This product has become popular in many consumer markets worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Chile.

Analysts said that as a functional beverage brand known as the industry benchmark, HOUSBRUG, which holds hundreds of global patents, has always been hailed as a model of R&D-driven product innovation. As it enters the global market, these patented technologies have become a solid “moat” for HOUSBRUG to expand its territory worldwide.

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