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Blade, a Executive Investor of CEEX, participated in the Hong Kong seminar on “Web3 Industry Layout and Planning”

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Blade, a Executive Investor of CEEX, participated in the Hong Kong seminar on “Web3 Industry Layout and Planning”

September 09
02:46 2023

August 29 afternoon, a seminar on “Web3 Industry Layout and Planning” was held at Cyberport in Hong Kong. Blade, the senior executive investor at CEEX digital currency exchange, participated in the delivery of an enlightening speech on “Interpreting Hong Kong’s Web3 Development through the Lens of Liquidity.”

Blade began by stating that liquidity is the lifeblood of any financial system, particularly in the rapidly developing fields of cryptocurrency and Web3. He emphasized that as Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and blockchain technology continue to mature, the management and optimization of liquidity have become increasingly important.

“We are currently at a convergence point of rapid technological and financial development,” Blade said. “Hong Kong, being an international financial center and an innovation hub, has the responsibility and opportunity to play a leading role in this domain.”

Blade continued to explain that liquidity is not just about the quick movement of funds but also involves the flow of information, technology, and talent. Particularly in a Web3 environment, these factors are mutually reinforcing, collectively driving the rapid development of the entire ecosystem. “In the Web3 era, liquidity is no longer one-dimensional; it has become more complex and diverse,” he added. “For instance, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have proven that even in the realms of art and culture, liquidity can be redefined and optimized.”

With respect to the Hong Kong market, due to its unique geographic and political environment, Hong Kong has distinct advantages in attracting global capital and technology. He urged the local government and enterprises to pay more attention to the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors to ensure Hong Kong maintains its leading position in global competition.

“Now is the time to act,” Blade stated. “We need to focus more on building educational and regulatory environments to attract and cultivate more top talent.”

The speech attracted hundreds of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors, providing positive insights for driving Hong Kong’s role in Web3 development. As global attention to this field continues to grow, Hong Kong is poised to become the next innovation center for blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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