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Smart Water Management Goes Global: SUEZ and Schneider Electric Shape the Future Together

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Smart Water Management Goes Global: SUEZ and Schneider Electric Shape the Future Together

September 04
00:00 2023

By 2025, a staggering two-thirds of the world’s population is projected to inhabit regions grappling with water scarcity issues. Designed to cater to network and plant operators as well as water resources management teams, the integration of SUEZ’s AQUADVANCED technology into Schneider’s EcoStruxure Water Advisor aims to tackle global water scarcity by optimising efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and curbing environmental impact.

In a strategic move aimed at addressing the imminent challenges of water scarcity and environmental sustainability, Schneider Electric and SUEZ, a pioneer in digital and circular solutions for waste and water services, are collaborating to propel the deployment of cutting-edge digital solutions geared towards enhancing energy efficiency, resource conservation, and carbon footprint reduction within water cycle management systems.

Under the terms of an international agreement, Schneider Electric will seamlessly integrate SUEZ’s state-of-the-art digital AQUADVANCED product range into its own water cycle management software, known as Ecostruxure Water Advisor. With a proven track record spanning over a decade, AQUADVANCED currently spans across more than 1,500 networks and plants, serving both public and private water management entities around the globe.

Recognising the gravity of the situations, Schneider Electric and SUEZ are pooling their expertise to create more resilient and high-performing water cycle infrastructures that can effectively combat the escalating water crisis.

According the Patricia Villoslada, Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions at SUEZ, “The AQUADVANCED platform empowers real-time management of water and wastewater networks, solidifying its position as a market leader that creates substantial value for our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their infrastructures and services, from design to maintenance. This partnership amalgamates SUEZ’s unparalleled domain expertise and cutting-edge digital solutions with Schneider Electric’s formidable globe integration capabilities, poised to accelerate the global rollout of AQUADVANCED and drive rapid  market penetration.”

Alain Dedieu, President of Water and Wastewater at Schneider Electric, emphasised the alignment of this partnership with Schneider Electric’s unwavering commitment to worldwide sustainable development, particularly in the critical water sector. “Harmonious collaboration as an ecosystem is paramount to effectively meet the challenges at the intersection of water and energy, ensuring the resilience of water resources and the establishment energy-efficient, decarbonised water infrastructures. Our journey toward a more sustainable world hinges on the pivotal role of digital transformation that encompasses the entire water cycle,” Dedieu asserted.

Designed to cater to network and plant operators as well as water resources management teams, the synergy between EcoStruxure Water Advisor and AQUADVANCED offers a distinctive value proposition in the market. By harnessing the potential of advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, the integrated solution processes and analyses myriad data points in real-time. This empowers proactive monitoring and management of water treatment infrastructure across all stages of the water cycle, including the early detection of leaks and pollution, effective control over extreme climate events like floods and droughts, optimised supply management at minimal cost, and meticulous compliance with regulatory and environmental standards.

The comprehensive suite of offerings stemming from this collaboration is expected to yield remarkable results. Anticipated benefits include a potential reduction in energy consumption of up to 30 percent, a 15 percent decrease in non-revenue water, a 50 percent reduction in volumes of discharged wastewater to safeguard local ecosystems, and up to 25 percent savings in operational costs. Additionally, the introduction of a digital twin solution could potentially slash the total cost of ownership by up to 20 percent. The overarching objective of this joint endeavour by SUEZ and Schneider Electric is to expedite the adoption of proven digital solutions within the water industry, fortified by their demonstrated efficacy and performance.

As the world braces itself for mounting water scarcity challenges, the collaborative efforts of Schneider Electric and SUEZ serve as a beacon of hope, illuminating a pathway towards sustainable water management, conservation, and resilience on a global scale.

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