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How Real Estate Investor Reed Larson Adds Value To Distressed Properties

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How Real Estate Investor Reed Larson Adds Value To Distressed Properties

May 07
01:30 2021
How Real Estate Investor Reed Larson Adds Value To Distressed Properties

Reed Larson found his passion for real estate from a young age. While majoring in architecture and urban planning in college, Reed also started his own construction company. Through his company he met real estate investors who ultimately taught him about the power of the real estate industry. You have the ability to control the outcome and grow wealth through a product that will always be in demand. As a real estate investor, Reed found his calling through the buying and selling of distressed properties. He takes pride in the fact that he can add value to a property by turning it into something beautiful and giving someone a home.

When Reed first became interested in real estate investing, he knew he would need a mentor to show him the ropes. He reached out to a family friend who took him under his wing. Since he entered the industry at a young age, Reed struggled to find people who took him seriously as a new investor. He had to prove his credibility and uniqueness through his diverse knowledge of real estate. But Reed never let this stop him. Understanding that real estate is a distance run, not a sprint, he learned to be ok with delayed gratification. He took his passion for the industry and made sure others could feel it to gain their trust.

As Reed continued his journey, he discovered the importance of a dedicated and open mindset. He learned from others in his industry with more experience, which helped give him the credibility he needed. He understood it takes decades to grow the kind of wealth you see in other investors. But the hard work and wait are worth it. “It’s not a get rich quick scheme, it takes decades to grow that wealth. The faster you do it, the wealthier you become, but it’s more about being able to provide yourself with a happy lifestyle,” he says.

Reed believes fear is a hurdle preventing you from turning your dream into reality. To help overcome this, learn as much as you can and take action. “It’s a lot harder to grow yourself than to ask for help,” he says. It’s ok to admit you don’t have the answers. Truly successful people ask questions of people who have answers. Until you take that leap of faith, your dream will always remain a dream. Taking action is always scary at first, but once you take that first step, you’ll see doors open for you. So, will you let fear keep you from taking the journey, or will you see what’s behind those doors?

His success means he has financial freedom doing what he loves: using his knowledge as a real estate investor. With every project, Reed has made a personal commitment to be honest and accommodating. This has helped him to add more value and help people in ways that other investors can’t.

What’s next for Reed? He plans to invest in larger multi-family buildings and add value to increase the property value thus creating better return on investments for his lenders and himself. Reed is also planning to scale his flipping business by increasing his pipeline of distressed properties.

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