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Fans of ‘Bad Love Gang’ Sci-Fi Book Series Embrace Musical Soundtracks on Spotify©

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Fans of ‘Bad Love Gang’ Sci-Fi Book Series Embrace Musical Soundtracks on Spotify©

January 26
12:00 2021

Denver, CO, USA – January 26, 2021 – One of the most endearing and unique aspects of Kevin Schewe’s Bad Love Gang sci-fi book series are the numerous songs which pop up to highlight a scene, a mood or a moment in time to never forget. One of the main characters continually engages what he calls his musical brain to enhance the engaging narrative. In a startling coincidence, a former president has embraced this same mode of communication by creating a Spotify© playlist tied to his new book, A Promised Land.

Now fans of the Bad Love Gang books are creating playlist from the books, on Spotify©, which follow the exact order in which the songs are presented. The songs range in origin from the 1950s to the late 1970s and are filled with classics from The Beatles, Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra and many others, both famous and not-so-famous. Because of alien world time-travel elements within each story, the songs are also employed as a form of universal communication device to foster better relations.

Access playlists for books in order, Bad Love StrikesBad Love Tigers and Bad Love Beyond:

In Bad Love Strikes, the Bad Love Gang discovers The White Hole project, a “backup plan” time-travel machine created by President Franklin Roosevelt in case America lost the race to create the first atomic bomb.

In the exciting sequel Bad Love Tigers, the Bad Love Gang uses the White Hole project to travel back to 1945 to thwart Russian spies and protect the secrets of Area 51, before heading to China to volunteer with the AVG Flying Tigers under General Claire Chennault. Now, in Bad Love Beyond, the gang must travel not just through time, but through space as well to learn the reason behind Blue Nova One’s mysterious visit to earth.

One of the most compelling aspects of the series is how the author carefully researched and portrays the real historical figures, such as President Roosevelt or a young and older President Gerald Ford, or accurately describes the effort to build the first nuclear weapon or the combat capabilities of a World War II fighter aircraft. A history buff since childhood, Kevin Schewe, a renowned MD and entrepreneur, then inserts a group of friends, like the chums from his youth, and sends them on important missions throughout time and space. Along the way various popular songs of the day pop up to highlight a mood or a moment in time to never forget.

Schewe, who has a background in physics, has always loved stories about time travel. “These stories just come to life in such an organic way,” Schewe says. “They combine my childhood memories with my love of history and time travel.

Be sure to watch the exciting book trailers for Bad Love series: and and

“The Bad Love Gang is back at it with an ample supply of action, adventure, espionage, intrigue and suspense. Bad Love Beyond is like flying through the Museum of Natural History, the National Air and Space Museum, Jurassic Park and Captain Kirk’s starship with a wonderful tour guide.” – David A. Holladay, M.D.

“Bad Love Beyond is the newest volume of the Bad Love series and once again the author mixes history with fantasy so successfully that the book both entertains and informs. Skillful writing, a zesty sense of humor, an appreciation for pop culture, and the ability to create memorably entertaining characters combine to make this an immensely impressive novel.” – Grady Harp, Top 50 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer, 5-Stars

Whether you’re a history buff, a time-travel buff, a sci-fi lover, or are just in need of a fun book to cheer you up, Bad Love Beyond is the adventure you’ve been waiting for. Grab your copy today!

Bad Love Commercial

Kevin L. Schewe, MD, FACRO is a board-certified cancer specialist who has been in the private practice of radiation oncology for over 33 years. He is an entrepreneur, having founded Elite Therapeutics and Bad Love Cosmetics Company, LLC. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of a small, publicly-traded, renewable, green energy and animal feed company called VIASPACE, Inc. Bad Love Beyond is the sequel to the bestselling Bad Love Tigers which was the sequel to his bestselling debut novel Bad Love Strikes.

You can connect with Schewe through his website or Instagram: @realkevinschewe.

Bad Love Beyond, ASIN: B08P5VSMNZ, Broken Crow Ridge Publishing, 2020, ebook: $2.99, 258 pages, available on Amazon and

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