Delhiites to Witness More Downpour this Week

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Delhiites to Witness More Downpour this Week

July 08
12:07 2015

lightn and rainNew Delhi, Wednesday, July 8 – Weather in most of the states has turned unpredictable. Sometimes scorching heat causes huge trouble for the masses, while on more than a few occasions, rain and breeze knock at the door. The beginning of each climate in the country brings huge pleasure for the living creatures but by the time it slowly starts reaching at its extreme point, inhabitants are left with no option but to search for the measures and gather the facilities through which survival can be done easily with no or less trouble.

For more than a month, people in the national capital, including other cities, bore the brunt of hot weather conditions. Waking up to a sunny morning was a common scenario but noontime showers on Tuesday came to their rescue once again as it did earlier this week. The temperature has definitely fallen to an extent that is soothing a number of souls that were fed up of insufferable heat from early May till late June.

In spite of the fact that from last few days residents were enjoying the sudden change in the atmosphere, they still wait for showers as the heart of India. Forecast of poor monsoon seems to take a back seat given likelihood of more rains in the remaining days of the present week. Delhiites witnessed rainfall yesterday as well when dark clouds covered the sky fully bringing sporadic precipitation. The percentage of downpour is not going to be inadequate especially after overcast sky spurs the hopes of rain further.

If recent information related to weather of the city is to be mentioned then partial clouds will bring some thunderstorm.  Rain ratio is not going to be high. Dampness percentage is predicted to go up to 68 percent thanks to less rainfall. Delhi and national capital regions that were reeling under intense heat and temperature varying between 40 degree Celsius and 45 degree Celsius are now being wet by rainwater. According to latest data available, maximum and minimum temperatures will be somewhere around 33 degree Celsius and 26 degree Celsius, respectively.

Light rainfall lashed various parts of Uttar Pradesh recently too, giving significant respite to the populace residing in Allahabad, Kanpur, Lucknow, Mirzapur from hot and sultry weather. Possibility of experiencing same sort of weather conditions has increased further that would add to their comfort in the next few days. Mountainous locations are set to face rapid showers that are anticipated to be problematic rather than comforting. Erratic weather is making residents fall ill as adaptability of changing temperature low, resulting into bigger queue outside hospitals.

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