Rainfall Brings Comfort in City; Power Cut Causes Slight Troubles

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Rainfall Brings Comfort in City; Power Cut Causes Slight Troubles

July 07
09:56 2015

rain dropsNew Delhi, Tuesday, July 7 – Power cut for around two hours was observed early yesterday post rainfall in the city. Faltering supply of electricity in the capital was totally understandable given the speed of rain and wind was high.  Power outage has reduced to a certain extent in the city. Not to forget that consumption increased last month, affecting the supply, which was not meeting the requirements during peak summers.

Situation has vastly improved as of now and people are able to sleep and accomplish other jobs comfortably. Rain introduced relief in Delhi and national capital regions on the first working day of this week, making mercury to dip. But it created a mess for the inhabitants who were on the way to office, schools and colleges. Reports regarding traffic jams in a number of the Delhi regions were reported. Water-logging issue troubled the masses and continued to be a major problem in the metropolis.

Travelers had to indirectly inhale dangerous gases emitted from various means of transportation while waiting for traffic to clear. Jams during peak hours yesterday left commuters with no option other than to see the most annoying face of being in Delhi. In view of the fact that nature brought relief for people facing the attack of moisture for a long time on Monday, they look forward to more rains. Overcast sky today boosted the likelihood of showers, which lasted for about a couple of minutes during the sunup. Despite the fact that proportion of rain so far hasn’t been isn’t substantial, it is anticipated to increase at the end of the day as chances of 40 per cent precipitation remain on the cards. Populace enjoyed drizzling early morning.

Both maximum and minimum temperatures will drop more than a few notches today as well as additional downpour is set to lash the streets of Delhi. 34 degree Celsius and 26 degree Celsius will be the higher and lower temperatures on Tuesday. Pace of the gust will be between 11 km per hour that would increase up to 18 km per hour during the weekend. According to weathermen, scattered thunderstorm will restrict mercury from going up but couldn’t do anything to decrease dampness in the environment. If truth be told then ratio of rain this year will be far more than what it had been last year. If this takes place in reality then the prediction of below average showers in peak monsoon will be nullified.

Most of the days in July are supposed to witness rain than being sunny. As like any other state, Delhi and nearby areas reeled under intense heat during May and mid-June. Conditions have improved but rainfall is also going to set new challenges for the people residing in different corners, especially those without a roof over their head. As per available reports, the percentage of precipitation will be high and vary in the range of 40 to 90 per cent.

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