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D-BANK Ecology Strategic Forum in Seoul, South Korea Strategic Guide for Global Economy

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D-BANK Ecology Strategic Forum in Seoul, South Korea Strategic Guide for Global Economy

August 15
01:22 2019

August 12th, 2019, D-BANK Ecology Strategic Forum and International Node Launching Conference was successfully held in Seoul, South Korea. The conference theme was “Consensus, Symbiosis, Win-win cooperation”, which mainly aimed at presenting D-BANK Ecology overall layout, releasing a new product, and providing a comprehensive interpretation to the DBM platform expanding.

D-BANK Ecology builds an eco-environmental loop for upgrading an integrated development

During the Conference, D-BANK Ecology’s CMO Katrin delivered her speech on D-BANK Ecology strategic layout. As the Blockchain technology spreads, and along with reaching the consensus in the global scope, D-BANK will integrate a storage for digital assets, cross-border payments, cross-border e-commerce, financial services, blockchain games, exchanges, mobile mining phones and D-BANK public chain into one platform,and will constantly promote expanding of the DBM platform.

D-BANK CMO Katrin delivering her speech on D-BANK Ecology layout

D-BANK CMO Katrin presented the D-BANK Ecology layout, explained in details the role of each element in the company’s ecology, and claimed that “D-BANK uses the complete digital ecology and application scenarios in the world to build consensus. We hope that D-BANK will establish symbiotic relationships with D-BANK investors, members and users to achieve a win-win outcome, sharing wealth and the opportunities with everyone”.

The first D-BANK mining mobile phone:  the 3rd generation

Another important part of the conference was releasing the first mining mobile phone, which is positioned as an epoch-making product. D-BANK CPO Michael Zhang explained in real time the main features of the phone. The convenient and high efficient phone attracted users’ praise.

Michael stated that D-BANK mining mobile phone is a breakthrough technology. It is more convenient to use and more efficient than classic mining machines, especially because it combines mining features with convenient mobile size. It uses the chip that was developed in Silicon Valley (the USA) and it can mine cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH, which allows the company to become an industry leader. Michael claimed that “D-BANK mining mobile  phone is a key element of the D-BANK Ecosystem, which can produce its own cryptocurrency”.

D-BANK CPO Michael Zhang delivering his speech on a new product

On the conference,D-BANK announced a plan on opening 10000 nodes all over the world. Delegates from 6 nodes, including British, Italian and Portuguese nodes, were invited to share their ideas on the stage. The rights and interests of D-BANK nodes will be concerned within the industry: they will not only get free D-BANK mining mobile machines, but also enjoy a proposal right, voting right, etc. Joining the D-BANK for the node does not only mean to become a company’s shareholder, but also means enjoying dividends of company prosperity, and it’s the main way to get DBM.

D-BANK International Node Launching Ceremony

DBM platform expanding: a new tendency in the industry

D-BANK CRO Leo’s speech on expanding DBM platform got the most of attention during the conference. Leo pointed out that D-BANK will control the DBM platform through three main aspects: complete D-BANK ecosystem, number of users and DBM demand and supply. He also said that “D-BANK will start repurchasing DBM regularly since October of this year to guarantee its turnover within 200 million, and to provide DBM spreading”.

D-BANK CRO Leo delivering his speech on DBM expanding

In the past 6 months, the price of DBM increased steadily, attracting more users to join the platform. As D-BANK Ecology continuously improves, many DBM applications, as well as asset risks of international teams, contributes to the steady growth of DBM value.

D-BANK became popular between users and investors. During the conference, D-BANK Ecology received strategic investment from 2 companies ( THEOT and THE OOZOO), and will continue cooperating with them in the sectors of e-commerce and blockchain games, since they invest capital into D-BANK.

D-BANK Strategic Investment: Group Photo

2019 D-BANK Ecology Strategy Forum and International Node Launching Conference is a fresh start for D-BANK Ecology. It provides new ideas for global digital economy growth. In the nearest future, D-BANK will build a “consensus”by using its complete ecosystem for application scenarios, providing “symbiosis” of each element in the system to keep the DBM platform growth to reach “Win-win” business model.

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