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Kate Gold, KTG is committed to a more perfect wealth flow and distribution

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Kate Gold, KTG is committed to a more perfect wealth flow and distribution

August 15
00:55 2019

As the pioneer of blockchain technology and digital currency, Bitcoin has been full of controversy and topics since its birth in 2009. In response to that sentence, you can hate it or love it, but you must not ignore it. Perhaps this is the fate shared by any innovative product with a subversive mission.

In recent years, the blockchain has been heated up due to the skyrocketing price of digital currency. Various application concepts such as decentralization, non-tampering, and data sharing based on blockchain are spread across industries and fields, but it is still rare to see the real popularity and applications. So many technical geniuses who are really keen on studying the blockchain began to reflect on the true future of the blockchain, including the many blockchain experts in the password-punk organization where Bitcoin’s anonymous promoter, Nakamoto.

In 2019, the 20th anniversary of the birth of Bitcoin, the new generation of digital currency Kate gold was born under the influence of the concept of “returning the essence and original intention of the blockchain. Kate Gold has attracted attention in the digital currency field since its launch, and has given high praise, called perfect currency and ultimate wealth. So why does Kate Gold have such high praise? 

First of all, Kate Gold absorbs the technical advantages of many high-quality projects, and has almost all revolutionary innovations in the development of digital currency in the past decade. The specific performance is: first: prevent retroactive privacy; second: payment transfer is completely free; third: circulation in seconds to avoid clogging; the fourth: data is safely disconnected from the network; the fifth: anti-quantum attack anti-freeze; the sixth: portable is convenient to pay; the seventh: global exchange is compatible with the legal currency. Based on the above seven points Kate Gold is called the perfect currency.

Secondly, Kate Gold has established its total issuance at the beginning of its design. The total amount of long-term benchmark gold is 7 billion (a total of 7 billion ounces of gold available, 1 KTG = 1 ounce of gold), and 42 billion pieces are pre-excavated (equivalent to the total amount of gold circulation is 4.2 billion ounces). The number of issued gold is 80 million pieces per year (the humans mine 80 million ounces of gold per year), and the global central bank’s gold reserves are synchronized. The blockchain smart contract locks the corresponding positions. Kate Gold ensures that the amount of Kate gold in circulation is equal to the total amount of gold in circulation. Therefore, Kate Gold is the digital gold in the blockchain system and the ultimate wealth of human economic development.

Kate Gold combines the advantages of digital currency and improves the wealth of gold equivalence. Therefore, Kate Gold provides the best solution for the circulation and distribution of future human wealth.

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