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feisou shampoo containing hydrolyzed keratin moisturizes people’s hair effectively

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feisou shampoo containing hydrolyzed keratin moisturizes people’s hair effectively

August 15
00:33 2019

When it comes to hydrolyzed keratin, it may seem a little strange to you. But if you talk about moisturizing products that have a nutritious and moisturizing effect, you must feel very cordial. In fact, in these products, hydrolyzed keratin is very common. What is it? And how can it help the dry, damaged hair restore healthy luster?

Keratin is a structural protein of ectodermal cells. It is a hard protein that cannot be directly used for creatures. It is mainly found in the hair, horns and hooves of animals. It is very rich in resources. It must be treated by special organisms to become short peptides in order to be used by the creature. The treated keratin is a recognized source of high quality protein with high nutritional value and stable quality.

Hair contains a lot of keratin, which accounts for 65%-95% of hair. Many natural active proteins have high affinity with hair, and they are easy to be absorbed by it. Having effect on nourishing hair and forming film, keratin is an excellent hair conditioning agent. The function of protein in conditioning is closely related to its structural composition and molecular quality. The key is that it forms hydrogen bonds with keratin in hair. Hydrolyzed keratin (ie water-soluble protein) especially plays a role in repairing damaged hair. This is due to the damage of the hair cuticles of hair, which makes the protein bare. The hydrophilicity of the hair increase, and the hydrolyzed keratin combines easier and form a protein film, which makes the hair shiny and easy to comb.

Therefore, the effective use of keratin can protect the hair, prevent and repair the split hair. For example, feisou NOURISHING SMOOTHING shampoo rich in hydrolyzed keratin (the top ten in the ingredient list), combined with jojoba seed oil with nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties, the antibacterial and anti-oxidant tangerine peel oil, and the orange peel oil that promotes the secretion of hyaluronic acid, makes it possible to restore the damaged hair to a healthy state.

feisou NOURISHING SMOOTHING shampoo is a mild amino acid shampoo, even people with sensitive scalps can use it with confidence. Besides, no essence and pigment are added to the shampoo. You can see the original color of the essential oil through the transparent bottle. When you smell the shampoo, you will get a fresh, natural aroma. When you are enjoying the most relaxing moment of the day, feisou shampoo transports nutrients to your hair and makes it shine with a healthy luster.

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