Cold Waves, Misty Day Change Weather Mood in Delhi

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Cold Waves, Misty Day Change Weather Mood in Delhi

December 26
13:22 2016

smogNew Delhi, Monday, December 26 – People in Delhi on Christmas Day woke up to nearly clear morning but soon weather changed. The city that was receiving plenty of sunshine from last several days was covered with fog blanket, which did not remove even by the end of the day. It reduced visibility of the roads, making commuters get conscious while driving.

Cold waves during the noontime added to coldness. The out of the blue increased chill in the national capital was due to snowfall in the hilly regions. The residents and tourist in Shimla enjoyed first snowfall of the season. Sudden change in weather, however, did not dampen festive spirit on Sunday as several people stepped outside to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. Shopping malls and places were full of populace despite the fact that outside weather was freezing.

Icy winds made the inhabitants of the national capital to reel under the wintry conditions, creating problems mostly for homeless. Fog affected both the air and rail traffic to a great extent. More than a few Delhi bound trains are running behind the schedule. Flight operations were also affected as thick fog cover was noticeable in the early hours, making the visibility drop up to only 200 to 300 meters. The delay in the take-off timing of the flights and departure of trains from Delhi to other states bothered hundreds of thousands of passengers.

As per reports, maximum and minimum temperatures a day ago were 15.4 degree Celsius and 11 degree Celsius. No respite from iciness was seen as Sunday ended on a cold note. Nonetheless, the same scenario wasn’t observed on Monday thanks to sunny morning. More to this, since strong winds are the predicted to blow across the city, smog and iciness are forecast to reduce from today onwards. Many doubted that sunlight might not stay for long but it certainly did.

If truth be told, days of the final week of this year are to be sunlit. On some occasions, climate change might unexpectedly bother population of the city. Both higher and lower temperatures are forecast to vary between 21 degree Celsius and 23 degree Celsius and 11 degree Celsius and 13 degree Celsius, respectively. Fog is predicted to make a comeback in the near future, bringing shiver back in the metropolis, which faces the attack of change in weather from time to time thanks to climate in the mountainous places.

In actual fact, climate in the remaining days of this month is probable to show all its faces, compelling people to follow strict regimen to steer clear of winter woes and appropriately deal with seasonal health issues, which may be on the rise if people turn careless. Here is to describe that carelessness may turn problematic, making people fall sick and feel problems like severe headache, acute pain in throat, high fever, runny nose, pain in joints.

Given that air quality also worsened, people got to be careful to avoid coming under the attack of diseases transmitted through air. Speed of the wind on Monday will be 18 km per hour but this will reduce to 8 km per hour by Sunday. The level of difficulty might get worsened for the populace without a roof over their head as mercury will dip early New Year, augmenting the frosty situation for few more days.


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