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Dr. Geeta Bora Honored by London Chambers of Commerce and UK Parliament for Exceptional Contribution to Social Work

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Dr. Geeta Bora Honored by London Chambers of Commerce and UK Parliament for Exceptional Contribution to Social Work

September 22
23:05 2023
Dr. Geeta Bora Honored by London Chambers of Commerce and UK Parliament for Exceptional Contribution to Social Work

London, UK – In a remarkable celebration of dedication and philanthropy, Dr. Geeta Bora, the visionary founder of Spherule Foundation, was recently awarded a prestigious accolade by the London Chambers of Commerce and the UK Parliament. The award recognized her exceptional contribution to the realm of social work and her relentless commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Dr. Bora’s journey to this commendable achievement is a testament to her unwavering determination. Having carved a successful career in the competitive IT industry of Silicon Valley, working with renowned tech giants, she realized her true calling lay in the social sector. In a courageous decision, she left behind the corporate world to embark on a mission that would transform countless lives.

In 2017, Dr. Bora founded Spherule Foundation, an organization that has since become a beacon of hope for thousands across India. Today, the foundation operates in 15 states of India, aligning its efforts with all United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) with a particular focus on women empowerment, education, health, livelihood, and environmental sustainability.

The Spherule Foundation has made significant strides in these areas, implementing initiatives that empower women economically and socially, providing access to quality education, improving healthcare services, fostering sustainable livelihoods, and championing environmental conservation efforts. Their dedication to these causes has not only transformed individual lives but has also played a vital role in advancing progress towards the UNSDGs.

One of the key factors contributing to Spherule Foundation’s success is its transparent and accountable approach to philanthropy. The organization has earned the trust of communities and donors alike by consistently delivering on its promises and maintaining the highest ethical standards.

In recognition of these remarkable achievements, Spherule Foundation has earned its place as one of India’s 25 most trusted non-governmental organizations (NGOs). This distinction underscores the impact and influence of Dr. Geeta Bora’s vision and her tireless efforts in leading the foundation toward a brighter and more equitable future.

The London Chambers of Commerce and the UK Parliament’s recognition of Dr. Geeta Bora’s exceptional contribution is not just an award; it is a celebration of altruism, compassion, and the enduring power of one individual’s commitment to creating positive change. Her journey from Silicon Valley’s corporate world to the heart of India’s social challenges serves as an inspiration to all who seek to make a meaningful impact on the world.

To learn more about the Spherule Foundation and its transformative work, please visit their official website at Dr. Geeta Bora’s story is a testament to the fact that one person can indeed make a difference, and her legacy continues to shine as a beacon of hope for generations to come.

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