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Florida High School Student Launches Songlingo, a Free Website for Language Learning Through Songs

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Florida High School Student Launches Songlingo, a Free Website for Language Learning Through Songs

September 12
13:36 2023
A 17-year-old Florida high schooler launches Songlingo, a free website leveraging songs to facilitate enjoyable and effective language learning.

In a fresh and engaging approach to language learning, 17-year-old Adam Elitzur, a high school senior at Posnack School in Davie, Florida, has introduced a unique platform that leverages the power of music to facilitate language acquisition. Songlingo, the free website, debuted in the summer of 2023 and offers users a dynamic way to learn new languages through the medium of songs.

Getting started with Songlingo is simple:

1. Visit

2. Enter a song in a new language

3. Review lyrics through flashcards

4. Listen to the song

Drawing from his personal experience of learning Hebrew and Spanish, Adam noted the effectiveness of using songs to understand new languages but identified the time-consuming process of finding song translations and creating flashcards as a significant barrier to this method. Addressing this, Songlingo automates the process, allowing users to select songs in their target language, instantly translate the lyrics into any language they choose, and review flashcards to aid learning.

With a noble goal to “make language learning fun and easy while fostering connections with other cultures through music,” Adam embarked on this journey during his junior year. His vision for the platform is expansive, with plans to continually enhance Songlingo to assist as many people as possible in learning new languages through a delightful and intuitive approach.

The website encourages users to maintain a daily learning streak, and save songs and related flashcards to their accounts for future review. The system fosters a routine of daily engagement with new songs and revision of words, promoting a sustained learning pathway.

Educational researchers have highlighted the efficacy of learning languages through songs, acknowledging the enhanced recall afforded by associating words with melodies. Sharing his personal testimony, Adam stated, “Being able to go through auto-generated flash cards prior to listening to a song and then reviewing the words that are most challenging is the most effective way I found to learn both Hebrew and Spanish.”

Songlingo champions this research-backed approach, offering everyone, irrespective of their linguistic background, an avenue to learn new languages seamlessly and joyfully, breaking down barriers and encouraging global connectivity through the universal language of music.

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About Songlingo:

High school student Adam Elitzur created Songlingo, a free web platform that revolutionizes language learning through music. Offering a user-friendly experience, it automatically translates song lyrics into any language and creates flashcards to make learning easier and more enjoyable. Launched in the summer of 2023, the website invites users to discover the joy of learning new languages through the evocative power of music.

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