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Guangming Science City to Create a “New Template” of Industry – City Integration

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Guangming Science City to Create a “New Template” of Industry – City Integration

April 29
01:55 2023

Located in Shenzhen, China, Guangming Science City is destined to be extraordinary since its birth. In April 2018, the Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government decided to establish Guangming Science City. And In July 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology formally approved the construction of the Guangming Science City – Songshan Lake Science City area as an early start area for a comprehensive national science center in the Great Bay Area.

Shenzhen to build world-class science city as the goal, promotes the construction of the Guangming Science City with the strength of the whole city. Currently, the Guangming science city’s 24 major science and technology innovation carriers have been settled, 2 university campuses or transition campus officially opened, 9 major science and technology infrastructure, 2 provincial key labs, 11 scientific research platforms to speed up.

On April 27-28, the first Guangming Science City Forum, with the permanent theme of “Dream a better future in Guangming” and the annual key words of “Creating visions”, “Setting sail” and “Pursing dreams”, was held at the International Conference Center of Shenzhen – Guangming Cloud Park, China. The forum set up the activities around three major disciplines including information, life, and new materials. Many academicians and experts gathered here. High-end institutional cooperation debut one after another. And results of the construction of large scale scientific facilities are fully demonstrated.

Focus on industrial innovation Accelerate the convergence of scientific and technological impetus

As the early start-up area and core bearing area of the Comprehensive National Science Center in the Greater Bay Area, Guangming Science City has the important task of breaking the ground in basic and applied basic research. Layout of large facilities and innovation carriers, is the Guangming Science City’s answer in the face of the times “examination”.

It is understood that the Shenzhen municipal government aims at the world’s scientific and technological frontier direction, based on the cultivation of future industrial advantages, focusing on key core technology breakthroughs, to promote collaborative innovation in the Greater Bay Area and other dimensions. Through systematic research and rigorous argumentation, the Guangming Science City established the three major development directions of information science, materials science, life sciences, which are also the three major scientific areas of this forum.

Among them, the field of information science will focus on information technology frontier, communications technology, supercomputing layout of major science and technology infrastructure and research platforms. Materials science field will focus on materials design, preparation, characterization, functional expansion and other areas of layout of major science and technology infrastructure and research platforms. And life sciences field will focus on the life sciences frontier and modern medicine layout and construction of major science and technology infrastructure and Scientific research platform.

Promote “scientific research – transformation – industry” integrated development 

In the current Guangming Science City Forum, in addition to scientific and technological research, “industrial development” is another major section. It is reported that, in addition to discussing the development trend of science and technology frontier, the forum also set up a number of industry and application conference, such as a new generation of artificial intelligence innovation and application seminar and the third International Brain Science Frontier and Industry Conference, and also invited representatives of investment institutions, through the forum as a comprehensive high-end communication platform to promote innovation chain, industry chain, capital chain, talent chain depth of integration, for the transformation of industrial achievements press “accelerating key”.

Focusing on the innovation process of “research – transformation – industry”, researchers carry out original innovation activities to solve basic scientific problems and support industries in core technology research. At the same time, researchers provide turnkey shared experimental platforms and think tanks to support synthetic biology startups, injecting new momentum into the incubation of innovative industries.

Guangming Science City has a promising future

Watch the Guangming Science City from above, with a total area of 99 square kilometers, its planning area extends from the border of Shenzhen and Dongguan in the north, to the border of Guangming District in the east and south, and is bounded by Longda Highway and Dongchang Road in the west. scientific research institutions, laboratories and colleges and universities are hidden between the landscape, presenting the spatial layout of “one center and two districts, surrounded by green rings”, and the urban style of “North Forest, Central City, South Valley” is manifested to the fullest.

In the future, the Guangming Science City Forum will be held annually, which will be of great significance in promoting the construction and development of Guangming Science City and enhancing the city’s science and technology innovation capacity. Shenzhen will promote the construction of Guangming Science City with stronger confidence and greater efforts to accelerate the construction of an international science and technology innovation center in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area and a pilot demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics to contribute solid strength.

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