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A New Study Suggests That Only Woman Followers Matter When It Comes To Social Media

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A New Study Suggests That Only Woman Followers Matter When It Comes To Social Media

March 07
23:50 2023

With social media men mean little to nothing in terms of consumer value. People almost without exception who earn bigger money from social media focus only on women. Men are not consumers. Men buy only purchase ten percent of the merchandise offered online compared to 90 percent of women who buy items from shopping sites. Men only buy merchandise when pushed by a woman.

The fact is having a large social media following that is composed of men has zero economic value. Having male followers may be good for a gal’s ego but will do nothing in terms of creating earnings power. The bottom line is having men as followers may be good for a girl’s ego but will add no value to building her bank account.

Women on the other hand are huge and regular consumers. Woman unlike men are sticky users, meaning they will go to a site on a regular and often daily basis.  Many women shop every single day. Even if there is no purchase, they are shopping. Woman will visit influencers sites daily to learn. The model is the woman learns, gets information and then she becomes a smart buyer. Influencers teach and allow other ladies the ability to learn and to stay up with trends.

Men never behave in this manner. Online shopping nowadays experiences many women who sit at home and shop.  It’s not usual to see a woman watching TV and shopping at the same time. It’s always about demographics and men fail every test.

The big question is how often the follower purchase an item as a result of following the influencer? How often does the follower shop?  What is the Influence engagement rate (IER)? What is the Reach and engagement? Men do not shop often is the simple truth. Women are the shoppers of this world, not men. There are many other demographic factors, and it is only woman who are true buyers as the result of a social influencer. Meaning never waste even one minutes courting men to be followers.

In an interesting paradox woman influencer who are married earn much more money than single influencers. The reason is simple, all women ultimately want a stable lasting and loving relationship. They better identify with and trust the woman who is in a stable relationship. Women trust the advice of a married woman always over that of a single woman for this reason.

The summary and message are clear, if you are serious and want to earn money as an influencer, do not waste time on getting men to follow you. Instead focus only on woman and you will become a true influencer. You will become a person who can and will be in a position to earn a healthy amount of money on a regular basis. Having woman as your primary group of followers is the key to being successful as a social influencer and entrepreneur. 

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