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Making International College Education Affordable and Futuristic with UPI Study (University Pathways International)

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Making International College Education Affordable and Futuristic with UPI Study (University Pathways International)

January 10
04:20 2023
Making International College Education Affordable and Futuristic with UPI Study (University Pathways International)

Studying abroad is the most urgent need in today’s time. But as its demand grew, the cost of education abroad rose afterward, making the dreams of aspirants unattainable. University Pathways International ( is a company whose goal is to make international education more accessible and affordable for students worldwide. UPI offers a unique online platform that supports the credit transfer system between local colleges and top universities in countries such as the UK, Canada, the USA, and Ireland.

Students who use UPI study can begin their academic careers in a local, international college in their place of origin. By doing this, they can still acquire credits to transfer to a prestigious university while spending less on tuition and living expenses. Up to four semesters of a degree can be earned in a student’s native country for a fraction of the price of one semester at a prestigious university. Once students have completed the final two years of their campus education and obtained a work visa, they can graduate from the institution of their choice.


 Benefits of University Pathways International (!

The UPI Study program has many advantages for both students and academic institutions. With the program, students can save time and money while receiving individualized guidance and support to help them find employment after graduation. More students attending colleges due to UPI’s credit transfer system equals growth in revenue, infrastructure, and international prestige. Public institutions and municipal governments also favor UPI’s programs since they promote local economic growth and job creation.

For students that complete their applications through the business, UPI GLOBALE EDU also provides refunds on college expenses in addition to its credit transfer scheme. In addition to enabling students to save even more money on their education, this helps stop local consultants from defrauding students. To reduce fraud and scams, UPI also intends to make information on university commissions more accessible to students.

UPI GLOBALE EDU: Mending the Career Wings to Fly Up

UPI promotes accessible and inclusive education worldwide. Offering more than 100 top-notch courses, they hope to give students who aspire to immigrate to nations like the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and New Zealand an advantage.

Through their online platform, various university pathway programs are available to students, bridging the gap between their home country and the country of their aspirations.

Saving the students from financial gloom

The study programs provided by UPI Study include a unique approach for students to save money. The first half of the degree programs at UPI Study must be completed in the student’s country of residence without experiencing too many financial difficulties.

The students can complete the remaining two years of the program at the concerned foreign university with guaranteed credit transfer. With this choice, the students can significantly reduce their two years’ worth of housing and tuition costs.

Why Choose UPI Study (aka UPI GLOBALE EDU)?

There are several reasons why UPI Study should be your preferred educational option. Just a few are listed below:

• UPI lowers the price of degrees by allowing credit transfer.

• UPI makes education more accessible

• UPI encourages future leaders from south Asian, middle-east, and African nations primarily in their pursuit of world knowledge.

• UPI study has state-of-the-art e-learning resources for its students to offer.




Dr. Vikas Kaushal is a veteran education professional with over 20 years of experience. He has held leadership positions at many educational institutions and companies worldwide, including as Managing Director and President of the Pine Grove Group of Institutes, a group of colleges, universities, and high schools in Northern India.

Dr. Kaushal is also a partner and director of Vaibs International, a group of preschools and daycare centers in Singapore and the US. He also founded the Aspire Group of Colleges, a network of diploma-granting colleges in Canada that extends to other countries.

With extensive experience in the education sector, Dr. Kaushal brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his current role as President of UPI-Study. He’s well-positioned to lead UPI-Study in its mission to make higher education more accessible and affordable for students.



Manit Kaushal is a leader with a combination of software expertise and business acumen for emerging trends and technologies. He thinks big and knows how to grow, with an unwavering desire to fulfill his dreams. He’s passionate about building a better and more equal world and changing the odds in technology and education.

Manit’s qualities and expertise have been acquired through his computer science courses and leadership roles in various organizations at his university. He enjoys taking on new challenges and finding solutions to problems, focusing on making a meaningful impact. His innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his work as the CTO.


With his technical abilities, Manit is a leader who accepts challenges and provides results. He motivates his team members to work harder and more effectively, and he is open to criticism and feedback to keep improving.

Manit is building an AI algorithm to identify each student’s preferred learning styles as the CTO of UPI-Study to enhance remote learners’ learning experience. It transforms how learning will be done in the future by utilizing more than two million data points.


Summing up, for students looking to pursue foreign education at a decent cost, UPI study is a great option. South Asian and African students can easily attain their academic and professional goals thanks to UPI’s credit transfer and tuition refund services.

We strongly suggest to Register now to avail the special program benefits. Anyone can Email them questions or requests or even Call UPI Study (+1 647-809-5455) for additional information. They would be pleased to respond to the inquiries.

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