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Details on Indian Visa For Business, Emergency and Travel

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Details on Indian Visa For Business, Emergency and Travel

December 23
20:12 2022


Doing business abroad is an important phenomenon for the growth of countries and also a very common reason for traveling abroad. India is one of the countries that has started issuing electronic visas to citizens of 150 countries. Entrepreneurs from these 150 countries can also obtain an India e-business visa from the comfort of their own home. The Indian Business Visa allows its holder to engage in business activities during their stay in the country. The India E-Business Visa is a multiple-entry visa that grants a combined total stay of 180 days from the date of first entry into the country. Therefore, a simple and quick procedure for planning a business trip can always come in handy. Business travelers are advised to apply for their business visa at least 4 days prior to travel.

How Does e-Business Visa Work?

  • The e-Business visa for India validity is 1 year from the date of issue.
  • Business e-Visa is a Multiple-entry visa.
  • Holders may spend 180 days in India during the year the visa is valid.
  • Applicants are required to have sufficient funds to support themselves during their stay in India.
  • Travelers are required to carry a copy of their approved business e-Visa India at all times during their stay.
  • Visitors must have a return or an onward ticket when applying for their e-Business visa.
  • All applicants must have an individual passport, regardless of their age.
  • The e-Business visa cannot be used and is not valid to visit protected/restricted or Cantonment areas.
  • The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in India. The passport must have at least two blank pages for the immigration and border control authorities to place the entry and exit stamps.


  • A passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in India.
  • Applicants must also supply a passport-style photo
  • A business card or letter.
  • A valid email address to receive the eVisa in their Inbox.
  • You can use a Debit / Credit Card or PayPal Account to pay for the eVisa fees.  


Non-Indians who wish to enter the country urgently can apply for an India Urgent e-Visa, commonly known as India Urgent Emergency Visa. Indian Urgent Visa (eVisa India for Urgent) is issued to foreigners who need to come to India due to the crisis. The visa is also known as the Indian Emergency Visa. The Emergency India eVisa works faster than the regular eVisa as it reduces the processing time of visa applications. An Indian Emergency e Visa or urgent eVisa India is an exclusive facility that anyone can use to reach India to deal with any unforeseen events, incidents or problems. For example, a death in the family, medical problems, marriage or legal issues. This feature is allowed for people applying for a travel visa, tourist visa, business visa, medical visa, physician assistant visa, or conference visa. The Emergency e-Visa is available for genuine cases of sudden and unforeseen emergencies, such as: Even if you do not live in India and need to come for an emergency or urgent reason such as illness of a loved one, you can do so to obtain urgent tourist visa to enter India. The visa is issued generally between 1 to 3 days.

Requirements for applying for an emergency Indian visa

  • A valid passport
  • A complete scanned copy of your passport
  • Your passport should have at least two blank pages and a copy of the first page
  • You must provide a recent color passport photo
  • You can use a Credit or debit card for the visa fee payment
  • A Valid email address to receive the eVisa in their Inbox.


The India e-Visa is an online visa issued by the Government of India. There are three main types of India e-Visa, Tourist e-Visa, Business e-Visa and Medical e-Visa.

Indian Tourist e-Visa

The India Tourist Visa is available to visitors who intend to visit India for no more than 180 days at a time. The India Tourist eVisa is an online authorization to travel to the country for tourism purposes. The 1-month tourist visa is valid for 30 days and allows 2 entries into India during this period. The maximum length of stay is 30 days. The Indian Tourist e-Visa, valid for 1 year, allows the holder to visit India multiple times.

Indian Business e-Visa

India Business eVisa is an eVisa for travelers who wish to visit India for business purposes. This electronic permit is a double-entry visa that allows stays in the country for up to 180 days.

Indian Medical e-Visa

This India visa allows the traveler to receive medical treatment on their own. The India e-Medical Visa is an online visa for foreigners that allows the holder to enter the country a total of three times. This type of India e-Visa is a short-term visa issued only to people seeking medical treatment in India. The visa is valid for 60 days from the first entry into the country. The second/third entry must be made within these 60 days.


What are the reasons why an Embassy Rejects or Denies an Indian e-Visa? This is the question that many people have to answer when applying for a visa in India. When a person is denied a visa, there is always something unintentional or unsatisfactory about the visa application or other legal document associated with the visa.

Reasons for Indian Visa rejection 

  • Fake Or False Documentation
  • Deteriorated Passport
  • Not providing full name
  • Mismatch of The Information 
  • Unreasonable Letter Of Reference
  • Incorrect e-Visa Type
  • Insufficient Funds
  • Hiding criminal background

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