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A Sky Trilogy. The World’s First Premium NFT that gives access to flights in a fighter jet & planting of 1 million trees Flight Ticket

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A Sky Trilogy. The World’s First Premium NFT that gives access to flights in a fighter jet & planting of 1 million trees Flight Ticket

September 08
17:12 2022

NFTs have taken over most aspects of life and graduated into a cultural phenomenon that’s here to stay. The paradigm shift is becoming a mainstream space where everyone is interested in participating and becoming part of the NFT in some way. Sky Trilogy has embraced NFT in a big way by announcing the premium NFT collection that gives the investors access to flights to the edge of space, flights in a fighter jet and also will get more than 1 million trees planted.

Buyers of NFTs have a lot of perks, and Sky Trilogy has just amped up its stakes for potential NFT holders to something that will create a legacy for future generations. The firm has worked on integrating value proposals into the NFT technology, which in a big way, will potentially help the causes that matter most. One of the pressing concerns for the planet is the disappearance of forests which has drastically impacted climate change.

The initiative has enormously contributed to bringing together philanthropists from across the globe to make the change happen while adopting NFT. Presently they have chalked out the zones categorized into six,  consisting of North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Pacific. A complete network has been created to make the shipment and get the holders of the Sky Trilogy to get the trees planted. In the process of utilizing innovative technology for gains, there could be a contribution to larger good that Sky Trilogy recognized and planned to work on its mission of +1 million trees in the world.

Sky Trilogy has furthered its cause with many incentives that go hand in hand with their 1 million planting initiative. The perks of being part of the initiative include flights that provide an edge-of-space experience. The flyers can possibly fly right into the stratosphere and have a bird’s eye view of space from a pressurized capsule. No commercial flight can make this dream happen as the capsule will reach four times the height people normally fly. The NFT holders and minters of the Sky Trilogy can now be part of an unprecedented adventure and can end up being an experience of a lifetime.

A 3600 view of the space from the panoramic windows of the capsule is exhilarating. It may take a while for reality to sink in. Travellers can marvel at the vastness of the universe without having to actually go into space. This adventure is part of the package that exclusively caters to Sky Trilogy holders who avail of it. The space’s darkness and the earth’s curvature are spellbinding views that are part of the package, which also comes with an excellent meal during the flight. The entire journey of six to eight hours experience for the holders does not hold any dull moments as the capsule comes with all the amenities such as high-speed data connection and fine dining attached with bar service. If the traveller wants to relax, there are reclining armchairs that are luxurious and comfy. The capsule is suitably equipped with a telescope, cameras facing the earth and an individual viewing screen. 

This commercial venture also gets the NFT holder to check out being a fighter pilot with the help of the Sky Trilogy community. They have partnered with MigFlug to make this possible to offer Jet Flights both in Europe and USA for nearly two decades. Taking up the flight on L-39 Albatros class military aircraft will give the NFT holder a chance to have a G-Force experience provided by an expert aerobatic pilot. During the flight, there is a special provision for video recording. The holder and their companion will be accommodated in a hotel as part of the package.

The minters of Sky Trilogy are the lucky ones who now have access to G-Force flights, which number up to 100 and become part of the Skycracy Club. The special provision will enable them to make use of the AST pilots’ sky passes. The minters vote to choose who will fly next after each flight in the Skycracy Control room.

A Sky Trilogy minters will receive a lifetime monthly income for every NFT they have minted.  Even if they sell it.  Forever.

Those who want to be part of the Sky Trilogy community can check out the Website: and be part of the incredible experience.

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