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EMEET Conference Kit Bags Reddot Award, Best Ever Deal for Web Camera and Speakerphone

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EMEET Conference Kit Bags Reddot Award, Best Ever Deal for Web Camera and Speakerphone

September 08
18:30 2022

EMEET was established in August 2016 with a sole mission that in meetings everyone is a value contributor. The product team themselves were unable to locate a suitable product for their secured remote meetings and hence they ventured into the development of next-generation camera products. EMEET developed an exclusive AI-based intelligent noise reduction algorithm for the first speakerphone. The software was improved in subsequent iterations and the work is a continuous process. EMEET products provides an ability to work in a comfortable environment. EMEET M1 & M2 was developed in 2017 and 2018 by integrating VoiceIA 1.0 and 2.0 algorithms respectively. EMEET C980 Pro Webcam released in 2019 was shipped with ultra-clear camera, noise-canceling microphone and speaker. EMEET M2 MAX released in 2020 provides 48KHz sampling rate and the suspended microphone cavity. EMEET HS100 was a novel headset launched in 2021 with high-protein earmuffs, smart noise cancellation and mute technologies.

Introducing the next-generation EMEET Video Conference Camera and Bluetooth Speakerphone. EMEET Video Conference Camera features FHD 360-degree webcam with 8 microphone and Hi-Fi Speaker. The camera provides support for AI-based Voice, Face and Figure capture technologies with 5 video modes. The unit also includes advanced noise reduction capabilities. The VoiceIA technology enable 8 microphones to achieve the required noise reduction. The camera delivers voice within a radius of 18ft. The 10W Hi-Fi speaker delivers exceptional voice and is a perfect choice for video conferencing via Zoon, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and much more. The Daisy Chain technology connects the video conference system with another EMEET Meeting Capsule or EMEET OfficeCore M3. The camera system is priced at $799.99 but the company provides $100 discount via Amazon Clip Coupon.


EMEET Bluetooth Speakerphone features 4 AI Microphones with 360-degree noise cancellation voice pickup and 18 hour talk time. The Daisy Chain functionality enable users to connect up to 20 people. The Intelligent voice algorithm ensures complete elimination of noise by supressing echoes. The integrated microphone automatically balance volume and the 5W high-performance speaker delivers immersive audio experience. The speakerphone offers 18 hours of talk time upon just 4-hours of charging with the help of super performance battery. The company provides $30 savings against the retail price of $199.99 for a limited time.


The next-generation EMEET Conference Kit, which is designed to enhance office productivity has grabbed Germany’s prestigious Reddot award.

The kit provides a flexible meeting experience and is regarded as an efficient tool for conference room usage. The EMEET Conference Kit comprises of an innovative pad, smart camera and a professional hands-free module. The products enable audio and video recording including voice transcription and real-time translation during the meeting. The kit also provides improved possibilities for remote work to deliver a convenient video conferencing experience. The conference kit aggressively promotes communication and efficiency in meetings with connected participants.

EMEET has manufactured a wide range of web cameras and speakerphones for various applications. The EMEET C970L/C970 and C990 webcam are useful for livestream, online classes, gaming and music related work. The addition of 3-level ring light will be convenient in scenarios with dim ambient lighting conditions. The C990 offers FHD 60 FPS high frame rate with adjustable FOV from 60-95-degrees. While EMEET C980pro, C960 and NOVA webcam will be ideal for video conferencing purposes, the EMEET C950 and C965 are exclusively designed for Work from Home purposes. Talking about speakerphone, EMEET Luna/Lite, M2 and M3 are suitable for personal usage because it comes with Bluetooth connectivity. The EMEET M0 speakerphone is the best seller in the category for USB version in Amazon. The M1A speakerphone has been certified by Zoom and hence students can make use of the product without any worries. The M220 speakerphone includes Daisy Chain capabilities. EMEET has integrated FHD with microphone support in all web camera, which makes them a suitable choice for students and IT professionals.

EMEET has announced discounted sale for the C960 webcam and Luna speakerphone with trending specifications. While the EMEET C960 is the best seller in Amazon Webcam category, the M0 speakerphone is the best seller in Amazon USB speakerphone catalog. The company has newly launched Meeting Capsule video conference camera and M3 speakerphone with advanced specifications.

EMEET C960 Web Camera

EMEET has announced discounts for the Amazon bestselling C960 Web Camera and Luna Conference Speakerphone. The EMEET C960 web camera includes 4-layer anti-glare lens, dual microphones with privacy cover and 90-view camera. The focal length range of 1.97-197 inches provides a clear image. The dual omnidirectional noise reduction microphones automatically pick up voice and filters background noise to create an immersive radio effect. The automatic low-light correction technology captures the images even in dim light. The camera also offers low-light boost, color boost and adjust exposure for clear visuals even in extreme harsh lighting conditions. The adoption of 90-degree wide-angle lens accommodates several participants. The EMEET C960 web camera is currently up for grabs for $38.99 with an additional 10% discount for a limited time.


EMEET Luna Conference Speaker

EMEET has announced lightning deal for the Luna Conference Speaker with enhanced noise reduction algorithm and Daisy Chain functionality. The refreshed VoiceIA technology eliminates background noise emitting from keyboards, mouse clicks, fans and much more. The speakerphone identifies the distance of the sound source with the help of auto-vocal-increase functionality. The unit automatically adjust sound levels to realize self-volume balance for an improved call experience. The cascading functionality is useful for small, medium, and large meetings. The triple microphone array alongside VoiceIA algorithm technology realizes 360-degree voice pickup. The speaker volume has been increased to 85dB for easy usage in a large conference room. The speaker is compatible with a wide range of platforms such as Zoom, Skype for Business, WebEX and much more. The EMEET Luna Conference Speaker is currently available for $89.80 with an additional 10% discount for a limited time.


EMEET Meeting Capsule Video Conference Camera

EMEET Meeting Capsule video conference camera features 360-degree FHD support with 8 microphones and Hi-Fi speaker. The camera features 5 video modes with integrated noise reduction capabilities. The addition of voice, face and feature capturing algorithm enable users to work effectively. The camera is designed to deliver voice within 18ft radius. The 5 video modes include 360° collaboration, 360° speech, 180° classic, 60°-95° spotlight and 0° privacy respectively. The 10W Hi-Fi speaker system delivers the required audio energy. The EMEET Meeting Capsule is available for $799.99 with additional $100 savings for Amazon Prime subscribers. (Limited time 7 DAY DEAL for $639.99 with $100. Start Date: 2022-9-6 00:00 PDT – End Date: 2022-9-7 23:59 PDT)


EMEET M3 Conference Speaker

The EMEET M3 Conference Speaker features VoiceIA technology, 4 AI noise cancellation microphones with 360-degree voice pickup. The speaker can be connected up to 20 people via Daisy Chain capability and delivers 18-hour talk time via the super performance battery. The ambient noise is eliminated, echoes are supressed and the communication will be efficient via VoiceIA algorithm. The 5W powerful speaker provides an immersive sound quality. The speaker system is available for $199.99 with an additional $40 discount on Amazon.


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