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GAINS Private: a disruptive Web3 fundraising platform

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GAINS Private: a disruptive Web3 fundraising platform

April 29
13:52 2022
GAINS Private: a disruptive Web3 fundraising platform

The crypto asset industry has exploded over the past decade and it’s not over.

There are 150M users in crypto today, which is about the same number of users the Internet had in 1997. However, the Internet was the fastest growing technology on Earth at 60% per year. Crypto is growing at double the speed, or 120% per year. Make your own conclusions.

The demand for blockchain solutions is now so high that it is almost impossible for the average investor to invest in the most hyped projects.

These projects are often reserved for an elite group of investors, mainly made up of whales, who have the most capital.

This biased fundraising model is detrimental to the ecosystem because it maintains a centralization of wealth and makes it impossible to fairly distribute the token supply of new projects.

Decentralized VC GAINS Associates solves this problem with GAINS Private, a fast, reliable, and easy-to-use investment platform.

By staking their $GAINS tokens, community members get access to various tiers, thus allowing them to invest in the best seed and private sales in the crypto ecosystem.

Silver Fishes –> 10,000 GAINS tokens to share 10% of the total allocation, with an average entry ticket of $400.