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Lithops Creators Launch Kickstarter Campaign for AI-Powered History App

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Lithops Creators Launch Kickstarter Campaign for AI-Powered History App

January 17
22:45 2022

Tokyo, Japan – Jan 17, 2022 – MechaPal is well-known for its clever, conversational AI companions used by businesses. The company is now seeking to make its mark in the history arena. Its founders have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their artificial intelligence (AI) powered Lithops app, a unique mobile application that brings history and historical figures to life in an entirely new way.

Lithops creators and MechaPal’s founders, Mo Sabri and Aldeen Alghazawy, hold a Ph.D. in machine learning and cloud computing, with over 10 years of practical experience in software engineering. It introduces and teaches history in a unique and entertaining way by enabling individuals to hear video narrations by historical figures accompanied by their lifelike virtually-animated images.

After the successful completion of the final testing stages, the app now available on Google Play Store and App Store provides users with the ability to interact with statues of historical figures within their proximity or that appear virtually. Lithops provides casual users and history enthusiasts with the opportunity to earn badges, access videos, and have augmented selfies with historical figures. Individuals can earn points that they can exchange with coupons in certain countries and the app is social.

All entries contained within the history-telling mobile app are thoroughly researched and content verified. The app virtually revives the heart of the historical figure, enabling individuals to hear their story, share wisdom, provide hope, and teach in a highly-engaging way.

Lithops utilizes multiple state-of-the-art techniques to create animations that are as true to life as possible, from facial characteristics and expressions to head movements and voice tones. The app has been released in 42 countries, within 118 cities around the globe. The roster of history-making figures spans multiple time periods and encompasses academics, artists, and actors, along with pharaohs, kings, and queens.

Promotional Lithops are also available. They’re a unique type of Lithops for business owners to promote their enterprises. The promotional Lithops aren’t of historical significance but enable business owners to give dynamic life to their work. Promotional Lithops don’t violate copyrights, won’t animate people that are alive or deceased, or that has cultural implications.

The world is rich in history, much of which most people may never be able to access in-person and only read about in dusty tomes. The Kickstarter campaign for Lithops brings that history to life for everyone around the globe. The app enables individuals to tap into the accumulated knowledge of historical figures of the last 5,000 years, allowing people to explore the life of celebrated scientists and revered freedom fighters to legendary heroes.

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About Lithops

We believe every statue is meant to tell us something and we love to help them speak out. Statues may appear in one place or travel around the world. We believe there are statues all over the world with a worth-spreading story. With the COVID-19 pandemic and travel bans, we believe it is our responsibility to adjust this situation and allow those untold words to reach the furthest corners of our world. We believe in sustainable practices.

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Company Name: MechaPal
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Phone: +81 5031857775
Country: Japan

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