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A Book about a Life-Saving Switch from Western Medicine Now Available at Amazon

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A Book about a Life-Saving Switch from Western Medicine Now Available at Amazon

July 05
22:25 2021

A book detailing an alternative treatment for toxicant-induced loss of tolerance (TILT) from heavy metal poisoning has been released. This recently released book is now available on Amazon. While making the announcement, the authors said that they made the book available on this platform so that many people can access and read it. “This is a book that will open your eyes and encourage you to have a second thought on how misdiagnosed health conditions, mental health, and chronic illnesses are incorrectly treated in Western medicine,” said the author’s son.

When Doctors Don’t Listen: How I Saved My Son from Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance from Heavy Metal Poisoning (TILT), written by Nancy E Claytor penned as Margaret Starr, tells a harrowing story of a patient who was suffering from heavy metal poisoning.

The author narrates how a switch from Western medicine to traditional treatments, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, and whole foods saved the life of her son, who had been condemned to a “life of chronic pain filled with many prescribed meds.”

The author seeks to sensitize the readers on the need to seek a second opinion, think and research for yourself, and don’t be afraid to choose your wellness path. “Were it not for our doubts of the prescribed regimen, we would have condemned our son to a slow and painful death,” says the author, who encourages the readers to seek knowledge on alternative treatments. “The only way that this vital information can reach people is through buying and reading the content. It is eye-opening and will forever change your perception of chronic pain diagnoses and subsequent treatment,” said the representative while urging all to read the book. Pain meds are not the answer. Hard work and thinking outside the box may be the only road to regaining a life without pain.

The authors hope that many people can read this eye-opening book to help others facing similar problems.

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