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Meicam attends the World Internet Conference·Light of the Internet Expo 2020

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Meicam attends the World Internet Conference·Light of the Internet Expo 2020

November 24
12:56 2020

The World Internet Conference (WIC) 2020, as well as the “Light of the Internet” Expo kicked off in Wuzhen, Zhejiang on Nov. 22. The ancient town with a history of 1,000 years has once again attracted the attention of the world. This year’s WIC, with “digital-enabled to build a common future” as the theme, gave a multidimensional and stereoscopic display of China’s solution, wisdom and responsibility for promoting Internet development and governance. 130 well-known enterprises and institutions, including Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, Epson, Meicam, attended the conference, focusing on displaying new digital technology, products, applications and achievements in AI, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, 5G and other fields, and striving to build an important platform for cooperation and exchange in the digital economy industry.

As a provider of overall solutions for intelligent video and audio, Meicam has developed from the single mobile SDK to a full-platform and whole-process solution for mobile, WEB, PC and server, which includes the latest mobile HD shooting and deep editing SDK, AR face props, AI intelligent editing, automatic color correction, cloud editing, virtual anchor, intelligent video production service platform and other solutions. Meicam has been unanimously recognized by head manufacturers in various industries, and has launched in-depth technical cooperation with head clients in various fields such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Asus, Bilibili, Sina, Fangtianxia, Meet you, KEEP, etc. Besides, Meicam has also cooperated with traditional enterprises such as State Grid and the State Administration of Radio Film and Television of China (SARFT) to promote the application of “Media Convergence” in both government and enterprises. During this Expo, Meicam attended with the latest solutions.

Among them, the latest mobile video HD shooting and deep editing SDK, based on GPU/CPU/Hardware Codec parallel computing, renders media streams on the basis of 2D/3D, FFMPEG, H.264, H.265, computer graphics, etc. It takes C++ as the processing language and forms the core class library, which is: The class library can be applied to Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, and Web. Moreover, it supports 4K HD editing, video rotation, video transition, video shifting, functional subtitles, and music full-process processing, as well as filter quality, video packaging and other functions, flexible and extensible.

AI smart editing provides insight into what people are thinking, automatically analyzes the content themes and keywords the user is trying to express through natural language processing algorithms, and produces screenplays with separated acts. After the analysis, the intelligent video editing system will automatically select the corresponding image or video content in the user’s material library according to the analysis results, and then under the set algorithm, match subtitle filters in accordance with the atmosphere of the scene, add dynamic and rhythmic music, and automatically integrate all into a video clip. The whole solution has realized the all-platform coverage from IOS and Android to the server.

Based on the broadcast-level image processing engine, Meicam Cloud Editing is a new generation of high-end B/S cloud architecture nonlinear editing system specially designed for customers in the whole industry and integrating video editing, creative packaging and special effects. It has functions like video and audio clipping, a variety of professional types of subtitles, special effects packaging, sticker, transition, filter quality, audio editing, one-button theme packaging. In addition, it supports 4K HD multi-standard and multi-frame-rate and multi-format mixing, and the image and audio processing effects are in line with the national standard of SARFT. Using the latest WebAssembly technology of the browser and based on the powerful video and audio processing architecture of Meicam SDK, it integrates the traditional professional non-linear editing function on the basis of comprehensive coverage of the Internet short video producing function, so as to enable everyone can quickly produce professional and high-quality videos. Users do not have to build huge linear editing tools by themselves, for they only need to open the browser to input the platform URL and log in. Cloud Editing solution is also seamlessly compatible with Meicam mobile SDK project, and meanwhile supports the export of fcpxml, AAF, EDL timeline sequence, which brings great convenience to post-production workflow, reduces the production time, and improves the efficiency of content production.

Meicam AI synthetic virtual anchor combines artificial intelligence with computer graphics. When the computer obtains voice or content information from the text, computer graphics synthesis technology can be used to drive, render and fuse the face of the virtual image. After massive face data carries out GAN training, the expression restoration with a sense of reality can be achieved. Finally, the virtual anchor with delicate lip sync, and vivid facial expression and posture like a real person can be realized. There is a wealth of application scenarios in the news broadcast, virtual customer service, Internet teaching and other fields.

In the future, through decades of profound understanding of the development of the video and audio field and continuous breakthroughs in the video and audio technology revolution, Meicam will help partners to achieve business innovation and create huge user value, promote the great vision of the overall advance of the Internet industry, accelerate the enabling of the new generation, and jointly embrace the new era of digital creativity.

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