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The Orchestra of Cardboard is announcing the release of “Black Flag,” the first track from its new album, The Antidote

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The Orchestra of Cardboard is announcing the release of “Black Flag,” the first track from its new album, The Antidote

September 14
22:32 2020

The record was produced by Nick Graham-Smith, known for his work with notorious aesthetic provocateur Malcom McClaren. The recordings were assembled from around the world including contributions from singer / songwriter Jolie Holland. The full album is being issued by London’s Optimistic Recording Co. February 5, 2021 as a digital download and Compact Disc, via streaming platforms, with 12” vinyl to follow.

The compositions on this record are statements of freedom, democracy, and personal responsibility. Resistance and resilience are valuable assets right now and these performances were made to inspire both.

The Orchestra of Cardboard was set up by London-based filmmaker, performance artist, social activist (Bank Job film and book being a confluence of all three) and musician Dan Edelstyn as a loose cooperative with members located all over our beleaguered planet. Besides the songs on this album the Orchestra provides soundtracks for Edelstyn’s films.

Graham-Smith sent Edelstyn some instrumental tracks from Brazil where the former had recently moved. The music was very sad, performed with lo-fi guitar and sparse percussion. They were songs from a sad heart at a time of personal and international crisis. Edelstyn began writing spontaneous story-poems to go with the tracks, expressing those same feelings.

Around this time, on a break from his film and other artistic pursuits, Edelstyn discovered Jolie Holland’s music via random Spotify surfing. He subsequently discovered that Holland was re-issuing her debut album Escondida on vinyl and as a part of a deluxe bundle, offering to mentor aspiring songwriters. Edelstyn jumped at the opportunity. During the coaching, Edelstyn and Holland discussed art, literature, film and politics; songs and influences were shared; a plan to collaborate was forged. Holland sang lead on My Fuzzy Mind and An English Summer Garden and backing vocals on The Black Flag and The Top of the Mountain.

The finished recordings feature Graham-Smith on guitars and Guilherme Paccolo on drums Dan, Jolie and Stevie Weinstein-Foner on vocals, (recorded in L.A.) and trumpets and sax from Zac Gvirtzman and Sarah Campbell’s respective homes in London. As countries locked down and borders closed, this record opened up new frontiers.

The songs on The Antidote chart the terrible predicaments of 21 century life; are calls of hope in the dark; ask questions about who we are and who we should be; try to shine out light, but sometimes implode; are imperfect but offered to the world in the spirit of love and to make a difference to others. 

Jolie Holland: “I feel like the record is a dream bardo, a place where it’s possible to imagine changing course.”

To get a free download of the song before it’s released please visit the url below.

Black Flag:

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