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MobiusTrend: Hologram AR+AI Live Streaming Technologies by IT Giants

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MobiusTrend: Hologram AR+AI Live Streaming Technologies by IT Giants

August 06
06:30 2020
Pandemic accelerates 5G development. Giants like Amazon, Alibaba, WIMI introduce Hologram AR+AI live streaming.

Hong Kong – MobiusTrend, a market research company in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ‘Hologram AR+AI Live Streaming Technologies by IT Giants’. Since the outbreak of the covid-19, digital technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and mobile Internet, have played a vital role. New models and new forms of business of the digital economy are developing rapidly.

The epidemic has also made more people feel the efficiency improvement brought by 5G.

First, people have forged new consensus on digital transformation. The epidemic prevention and control has had a significant impact on economic and social activities, making more entrepreneurs realize the importance using 5G technologies to intergrate the technology flow, capital flow, talent flow and material flow.

Second, the epidemic is to stimulate the new demand for online applications. In order to control the epidemic, measures such as city closure and home quarantine have promoted the development of the “stay-at-home” economy. Games and videos have become the main ways for residents to entertain themselves at home. Online education is helping students who cannot go to school.

Third, the epidemic is to expand the industry application of new space. In the fight against the epidemic, industrial applications such as 5G+ HIGH-DEFINITION video, 5G+ telemedicine and 5G+ intelligent prevention and control have greatly improved the efficiency of epidemic prevention.


Amazon has added what it calls a “Edge computing” service to its Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform that can take delays at AN MS level with 5G networks. Amazon AWS is one of the largest cloud computing platforms in the world, providing infrastructure support for millions of Web services. Amazon has also launched a Live streaming service, Amazon Live, and now brands are flocking to Amazon Live to try their hand at live-streaming. In the United States, the ‘live delivery mode’ has been setup by live streaming platforms. These platforms are similar to TV shopping channels, but using e-commerce live streaming technologies.


E-commerce giants, like Alibaba has started the development layout of AR holographic shopping almost at the same time. AR holographic shopping environment is nothing new. Taobao previously launched a new shopping mode, ‘Buy+’, which uses AR holographic technology to generate interactive 3D shopping environment.

The main features of Taobao AR live broadcast are:

– The fusion of real and virtual worlds.

– Real time and real world interaction – everything is a commodity.

– Customer detection and real-time processing.

WIMI Hologram Cloud

WIMI’s hologram project is based on holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face changing technology. It supports holographic cloud platform services and 5G communication holographic applications with multiple innovative systems.

The mobile Internet is changing our way of entertainment in an unprecedented manner. The AR+ live broadcasting system of the WIMI Hologram Cloud solves the problem of scenization and interaction perfectly by adding AR technology as a new interactive medium to live broadcasting.

WIMI Hologram Cloud has obvious advantages in AR+ live stream, which can truly simulate any scene and reflect the usage of products in different real environments. WIMI’s live+ system is simply constructed by AR holographic technology, letting the audience watch the holographic videos without 3D glasses.

Some institutions believe that AR technology is now beginning to rise. Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, WIMI and other technology companies have already planned ahead of schedule. It is estimated that the market size of AR will reach $165 billion USD, with a rapid growth of 80% by 2024.

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