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Human Horizons’ Grand Plan for a Futuristic Smart Industry is Taking Shape

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Human Horizons’ Grand Plan for a Futuristic Smart Industry is Taking Shape

March 31
13:05 2020
Human Horizons is among the top players in becoming a pioneer of leading the industry trend in the core competitiveness of smart vehicles, smart transportation system and smart city development.

Human Horizons is an innovative technology company committed to future intelligent mobility with “3-Smart” (Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation and Smart City) as its strategic blueprint. In 2019, Human Horizons has carried out its “3-Smart” from the “Smart Road” project in Yancheng, China, the launch of its premium supercar-inspired all-electric SUV, the HiPhi 1, and to the implementation of the ”Smart City” in Zhangjiang’s AI park, Shanghai. The successful practice of the “3-Smart” will also provide valuable experience and data accumulation for the implementation of the Strategy, especially the construction of the smart transportation system and smart city.

What3-Smart Strategy

Smart Vehicle

Human Oriented Design (HOD) — a concept that resonates with human emotions where vehicles play more crucial roles in future urban transportation systems. They are more than thoughtless hardware and they are devices that actively serve people. Through the HOD concept, we look into the real needs of users, by combining logic and emotions. Making each journey a unique experience.

Smart Transportation

Human Oriented Architecture (HOA) — a super-intelligent platform that empowers humans. A new digital information platform, which will enable smart cars to act as mobile sensors and data sources, not only serving the vehicle users but also contributing to improving efficiency of transportation management and city operation.

Smart City

For these mega-cities to function properly, operations on all dimensions must be coordinated. Human Horizons is building a digital platform to support operations required by smart cities. Human Horizons is aimed at future transportation under different solutions involving three dimensions: H, U, and A.

H — Vehicle Technologies: Bringing together cutting-edge technologies to build state-of-the-art vehicle systems to keep abreast of the times, including developing specific physical architectures, data-oriented smart EE architectures, and future-oriented powertrain technologies. In addition, the unique development of active and passive vehicle safety systems providing the vehicle with a “sixth sense”.

U — V2X Collaboration: Connecting the vehicle-road data channel through V2X technologies providing the complete realization of autonomous driving technologies to enable passengers to enjoy the pleasure of travel to the fullest. Includes high-bandwidth and short-distance communication, data analytics, road monitoring and sensing, as well as intelligent autonomous driving technology. To create a mobile private space for the future, an immersive cabin system, and an ultimate time-tunnel experience with simulated space and time greatly enhancing the travel experience.

A — Connectivity & Sharing: Building diverse mobility carriers for cities that run on the combination of the smart city’s Internet, IoT, and energy network nodes. Based on 5G, IoV and other technologies, Human Horizons will build diverse mobility carriers to suit different transportation scenarios.

In conlusion, the HiPhi, a premium all-electric smart vehicle brand owned by Human Horizons, defines smart cars with all-new vision and framework. The HiPhi 1 will be put into trial production in small quantities at the end of 2020 and launched officially in 2021. Let us wait and see!

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