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Tian Hairong Explores the Spring of the Soul with Valentino Haute Couture

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Tian Hairong Explores the Spring of the Soul with Valentino Haute Couture

March 05
00:10 2020
Although Valentino’s color DNA is always red, in the spring of 2020, “it should be green,” Tian Hairong said. “Green is the hope. When red and green complement each other, they may be the most powerful pair of colors.”

As a guest representative of Chinese stars, Tian Hairong lights up Valentino 2020’s Haute Couture Show in spring and summer with green.

Image: Tian Hairong and Valentino CEO Stefano Sassi sitting in the front row of the show together

Red is the light, dazzling external, and green is energy, hidden in the heart. Of course, red and green are also the basic elements of building a spring garden. Pierpaolo Piccioli, Valentino’s successor, is best at realizing dreams and changing the world with the power of flowers.
Pierpaolo Piccioli once said, “when I was young, I dreamed of being a director. But then I realized that fashion has a strong deductive force. So I decided to become a designer. This is the natural evolution of the movie dream.”

Image: Tian Hairong and Pierpaolo Piccioli

Tian Hairong, the famous actress, has been in the show for many times: she is a dramatist of Shakespeare’s medieval theater; She once walked into Monet’s impressions of light and shadow;She also had a daydream of traveling thousands of miles in Rossetti’s garden. Like movies;high-level customization is the art of making dreams;What we see or seem to see is nothing but a dream in a dream. (Edgar Allen Poe)

What the dream symbolizes is probably the most real experience of the real world. This time, Pierpaolo Piccioli’s dream comes from the subconscious level of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist.
“At the beginning, I was shocked by the huge black fish tail skirt hidden under the white gauze. At that moment, I thought of the famous subconscious iceberg map,” said Tian. “Black is like the naked background after the iceberg melts, when the iceberg in the Antarctic is melting at an unprecedented speed. Our collective subconscious iceberg is also melting, and the fear and uneasiness of human beings are emerging day by day. Only when we face up to the real environment and face the deep heart can we find a solution.”
The solid iceberg transformed from the half body is in sharp contrast with the lightness and elegance of the upper part of the body. The strong contrast between the upper and the lower body continuously transforms the personal “subconscious” into a “collective subconscious” by means of light and heavy, transparent and opaque, simple and complex techniques.

“The collective subconscious is an uncountable achievement of human ancestors’ experience in the past thousands of years and an echo of prehistoric social life experience. It’s something that’s common to all of us.” (Carl Gustav Jung)

Image: Red Book hand drawing VS Valentino 2020 Haute Couture Show

In the dream of Haute Couture, it is Pierpaolo Piccioli to express people’s dependence on nature in a poetic way. Piccioli’s response to the chaotic and worrisome world, at the same time, he is not afraid to face the dark night in the depths of human nature, and walk straight into the dark forest. Almost all the dazzling dresses have shadows. The black lining in the bow knot, the black skirt edge, turn away from the black silhouette in the back shadow, and the ubiquitous black is like a shadow, symbolizing that shadow is a part of self, hair Now, it is the secret of life freedom to coexist with it and face the double-sided life of darkness and light.
Jung put Laozi’s Tao Te Ching beside his pillow for a long time, said, “the number of nights in a year is the same as that of the days, and the duration is the same. Even a happy life has its dark touch. Without the balance provided by sadness, the word “happy” will lose its meaning. The best way to deal with things is to accept the changes of things patiently and calmly.
On this point, Tian Hairong has the most thorough understanding, “when you are most sad in life, even your shadow will leave you, so what you need at that time is to think clearly, not to complain, cry, or vent. Accept it, deal with it, let it go, and then go for a better life. This spirit I once put in the state of little lady Chen Xueru.
Allow yourself to enter the night of the soul, then you can find a new way.
Jung’s “Red Book” is that he draws a mirror of his mind in the way of mandala and the small universe in his dream every night when he is depressed. Pierpaolo Piccioli pays homage to the Red Book with a blossoming Mandala.

He echoes the long process of the Red Book painting and calligraphy with the handmade Mandala made by advanced customization and time-consuming. This is Jung’s heart waiting to stop in the era and listen to his inner voice.
“It’s not a bad thing to have a time to wait for spring, maybe it’s just an opportunity for us to stop and rethink. If we can, I hope to leave more space for life and space for life so that you can meet the best yourself, Carl Gustav Jung, Give humanity the courage to believe that life will find a better way.” Tian said.

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