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Now on Kickstarter – Brass Wallet – A Tough Self-Sterilizing Wallet

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Now on Kickstarter – Brass Wallet – A Tough Self-Sterilizing Wallet

February 28
03:20 2020

Andrew’s wife actually suffers from mysophobia: the irrational fear of dirt or contamination. In other words, she is a germaphobe. For her to be comfortable, this means constant hand washing because virtually everything that we touch daily is unfathomably dirty. Chief among these problematic, germ-ridden items are the wallets we all carry around with us every day. (

What’s Wrong with Traditional Wallets?

Have you ever really thought about how dirty your wallet really is? Most wallets are made with fabric of some type, whether nylon, cloth, or leather. That fabric absorbs just about anything and everything that gets on your hands. So, if you touch the door at the grocery store, the germs from that transfer from your hands to your wallet when you go to pay. Not to mention money itself is dirty (you never know what someone may have touched before they touched that dollar you now have sitting in your wallet). While you can wash and sanitize your hands, you can’t do the same for a traditional fabric wallet.

Maybe you don’t deal with mysophobia, or you’re not a germophobe, but you should be concerned about what’s going on with your wallet because all of those germs can become a breeding ground for germs like E.coli, staph and the flu (among others). Since you can’t sanitize your wallet or even partially clean it in most cases, you could be passing those germs along to yourself, your family and anyone else who comes into contact with you after you’ve touched something in your wallet.

That’s where the Brass Wallet comes into play. The Brass Wallet is the first product from JabCo, and it solves the problem of transmitting germs.

Why Brass?

Brass is made from a high percentage of copper, which is what’s called a “pure alloy.” Pure alloys are able to kill off germs entirely on their own, so you don’t even have to disinfect or sanitize them (even though you could because they’re metal). For brass, the timeline is approximately eight hours. After those eight hours, germs are actually completely eliminated. That’s exactly why we’re creating wallets entirely made out of brass, so you don’t have to worry about the germs that can easily transmit from your traditional wallet.

So, who would actually want a brass wallet? Well, definitely anyone who suffers from mysophobia. Anyone in the medical profession or any other profession where cleanliness is important. Also, anyone who travels a lot and finds themselves exposed to a wider range of germs. And anyone who is looking for RFID protection, because brass wallets will naturally provide RFID protection. Even more, if you’re just looking for a stylish, long-lasting, highly durable and recyclable product, this is a great option for you.

How Can We Get Started?

This is where we can use your help. In order to launch our Brass Wallets, we need to order a minimum quantity of 1,000 and that means a large investment. On top of that, we’ll be using Fulfillment by Amazon in order to store and distribute products. All told, our costs will be upwards of $12 per product just to get started. That’s where you can come into it. With your help and support, we can get our business off the ground and these wallets out into the hands of the many people who can use them. Plus, we’ll be able to create additional products currently in our pipeline. (

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Company Name: JabCo
Contact Person: Andrew Becker
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Phone: 832-418-0537
Country: United States

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