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Reasons why SocialDocs is proving to be a better option than the 1000 Pound Gorilla: HubSpot

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Reasons why SocialDocs is proving to be a better option than the 1000 Pound Gorilla: HubSpot

February 26
04:50 2020
Reasons why SocialDocs is proving to be a better option than the 1000 Pound Gorilla: HubSpot
HubSpot is undoubtedly one of the most famous online marketing companies on the planet. The company is valued at a stunning USD 60 billion as of feb 2020, and with a client base in thousands (73,000+), it’s surely a force to be reckoned with. However there’s a wide difference between customers and happy customers. A simple online search reveals the flaws of HubSpot and people’s criticism regarding the software as well as their policies. 
Problems With HubSpot
Many companies & businesses have specially found HubSpot to be quite complicated, some even saying that it pretty much requires a data scientist to be able to utilise the HubSpot platform effectively. 
Others have pointed out that, HubSpot software services are divided into too many different categories, where one needs to subscribe to different platforms, even for very similar and connected workflows. Issues about the company spreading itself too thin has not been new and according to some, this has resulted into a complex set of tools and resources, where the initial focus on building a great software with exceptional integration and workflow  seems to have been sidelined if not lost. 
Biggest Issue With HubSpot: Pricing
However, the biggest complaint of most customers is their pricing. The Marketing Hub for Enterprises and Businesses starts at USD 3200/Month. And guess what, they have a strange policy of charging on-boarding fees for their services, and it’s as high as a one time fee of USD 6000. In the end, the customer ends up paying USD 44,400 (Seriously) for the year, that’s close to $4000 a month! And this is for a SaaS platform subscription, no physical products, no human involvement. Many customers have sited the unavailability of a reliable & affordable alternative to HubSpot. 
One Reviewer Says it Best: 

“Hubspot charges a ridiculous $6000 one-time for an onboarding fee, and I find that funny.If hubspot is so complicated that it requires a $6000 onboarding fee to help clients understand “How Hubspot Works”, then a small business shouldn’t even be playing with this toy.No business can afford to work with tools and software that have a steep learning curve (Infusionsoft also demands an onboarding fee that I don’t like and I am not a big fan of). No, I don’t have $6000 lying around just to learn how software works. I should have had the privilege of learning it myself.”

How SocialDocs is a Fresh Breath of Air
With the above issues and problems in mind, in 2017, a small startup was born in India, with a mission to provide AI based Automated, All in one online Marketing Platform which is simple to use, without having the customers to break their bank in the process. The company initially focussed on Social Media Marketing Toolkit, but went on to include Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Search Marketing, Comparison Marketing, Analytical Marketing as well as E-commerce store management inside Facebook messenger. What started with just a few initial free users, has grown on to include 40,000+ free registered users and a very good client base. It’s popularity has increased leaps and bounds in the year 2018-2019, and besides being providing a great Marketing platform, another reason has been their straightforward and transparent pricing.
The company’s goal to make such services available to a much greater audience has seen much success lately, thanks in part to it’s affordable yearly  pricing of USD 20,000 / year, with zero on-boarding fees. This is less than half of what a business or an enterprise pays to be able to use HubSpot’s Marketing Hub platform. Add to that an amazing icing on the cake of being able to use the software for free for an entire year! This strategy alone has been monumental in the growth story of, over the years. SocialDocs claims to have acquired clients and customers who were reluctant to try HubSpot due to it being very very expensive as well as complicated and others who previously used HubSpot, but decided to switch.
Hyper Growth Witnessed by SocialDocs 
The company has reported an yearly profit of USD 122,000 which is 321% more than what it earned in the year before. Its traffic has increased from 30,000 unique visitors per month in 2018 to 147,000 unique visitors a month in January 2020. It sees a monthly pageviews count of 441,000. what that means is, that it’s growth in a year in terms of traffic alone is 5X. Currently sees a traffic inflow of about 1.6 Million unique visitors a year and the total number of pages that they view or use is 5.2 million a year. That’s staggering. Their Facebook fanbase has grown on to reach 15,000+ in just a few months. In-fact this kind of hyper growth is why the EnterpriseWorld Magazine announced SocialDocs as the winner for India’s fastest growing startup in the marketing segment.
Its website is reachable at and it’s Facebook Page lives at:

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