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Rabbi Pinto Voted Morocco’s Favorite Spiritual Personality for 2019

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Rabbi Pinto Voted Morocco’s Favorite Spiritual Personality for 2019

January 11
00:20 2020

Yoshiyahu Pinto, better known as Rabbi Pinto, was born in Israel to a Moroccan family. From his earliest years, he knew that he planned to follow a spiritual calling. And in 2019, Rabbi Pinto is considered one of the most celebrated spiritual leaders in Morocco; his tireless efforts have earned him a vote as the most appreciated and love rabbi in the entire country for 2019. This should come as no surprise to anyone who is active in Moroccan Jewish life, since Rabbi Pinto is well known for his long and notable career as a wise and generous spiritual leader. 

Excellent Reputation 

On April 13th, 2019, Rabbi Pinto was appointed as President of the Rabbinical Court of the Jewish community living in the kingdom of Morocco; his appointment took place at the famous Synagogue of Casablanca and was in the presence of well-known representatives of the Jewish community in Morocco and many moroccans vips and personalities. His official positions allow him to lead others, a task which he is well equipped for thanks to his years of experience working with the community. 

Over the years, Rabbi Pinto has provided endless support to the Jewish community. He has even worked on the establishment of special conditions which are conducive to halal sacrifice (or Kashrut); this type of sacrifice is important for the Jewish religion, and came together thanks to the efforts of Rabbi Pinto and the rest of the Jewish community. Rabbi Pinto also worked hard to found a “Yeshiva” school which teaches the Torah in Morocco; Rabbi Pinto has also been involved in the establishment of other Yeshiva schools throughout the world, including schools in Los Angeles, (Brooklyn, Manhattan: New York), Miami, Las Vegas, Paris, London and Canada. 

Charitable Works

Rabbi Pinto is also well known for his extensive charitable work. Many of his charitable works have been kept secret for modesty’s sake, but some of his charitable efforts are known thanks to the reports of the Moroccan media. For instance, Rabbi Pinto was behind the distribution of thousands of blankets to remote areas of Marrakech, where people are often in need of basic necessities. Rabbi Pinto has also supported the charitable donations of schools, clothes, and bags to village schools located in the Middle Atlas.

Rabbi Pinto: Supporting Jewish Life in Morocco

The reputation and influence of Rabbi Pinto has played a significant role in notable Moroccan Jewish people returning to Morocco or otherwise renewing their old ties with their homeland. This renewed connection includes the support of investors, businessmen and others who are now choosing to invest in Moroccan businesses and other organizations in order to support their homeland. Some of these people have not been to Morocco for years – and some have never been, having only heard about it from their older family members. Their renewed connection with their country has both economic and spiritual value, thanks to the work of Rabbi Pinto.

Rabbi Pinto has and continues to work tirelessly around the world; he gives lectures, offers wisdom and consultation, and works endlessly to improve the lives of the people around him.

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