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The Perfect Smile With Virtually Invisible Braces – Straightmyteeth

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The Perfect Smile With Virtually Invisible Braces – Straightmyteeth

November 15
02:50 2019
Invisible Braces is a major step forward in helping people have the perfect smile. Reports have found that more people are now having work done on their teeth to correct teeth problems they have.

For those people with teeth that need fixing and who are fed up with bulky metal braces, there is a solution to achieve the perfect smile using modern technology. Introducing the invisible braces from Straightmyteeth ( which can correct misalignment in as little as 20 weeks.

The invisible braces work in a similar way as metal braces. They correct the misalignment and malocclusion by applying gradual pressure over a short period of time, normally 20 weeks. Each set of the invisible braces is worn at least 20 hours each day for around two weeks at a time. Unlike metal braces, invisible braces don’t use any wires or brackets, which make them more comfortable to wear.

People looking for the perfect smile can reduce the cost of having the perfect teeth, thanks to Straightmyteeth. The established company in clear braces which has become one of the most trusted in their field and ranked as one of the top invisible aligners in the UK sends the customer an impression kit where they can take their own dental impressions. This reduces the cost of having the impressions done at a dental clinic which can be expensive. The dental experts then put a plan together which is approved by the customer and supplies them with the invisible braces.

A spokesman for Straightmyteeth explained how the process works. “We work closely with the patient. Once we have received the impression kit from the patient we can then move forward and put a plan together with a straightening program and supply the invisible braces to correct issues with the teeth.”

There are many benefits to choosing invisible braces compared to metal braces. The clear braces are more comfortable than the metal braces and they can be freely removed when wanting to eat. They also don’t affect the speech.

To learn more about invisible braces and how straightmyteeth can help people to achieve their dream of achieving the perfect smile with straight teeth, please visit

They have become one of the most trusted experts in invisible braces in the UK and help patients to achieve the perfect smile.

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