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N³ Horizon Public Chain – Let the data value return to the data creator

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N³ Horizon Public Chain – Let the data value return to the data creator

November 11
23:55 2019

N³ horizon public chain token NTC: a thousand times coin that follows the trend and rushes out of the encirclement. It will be grandly landed in U8 exchange:, please pay attention!

N³ horizon blockchain is an anonymous public chain based on DPOS mechanism activated by a group of Silicon Valley blockchain technology geeks in the dark network. N³ is committed to reshaping the global sharing economy ecology by establishing the technical logic of the underlying structure of the blockchain and the intelligent contract of the business model, making use of the NTC of the N³ horizon public chain token to bridge the gap between all links of the market, solving many pain points in the current business market, and then realizing the global intelligent data economy co construction and sharing:

1. Global intelligent information resources co construction and sharing;

2. Global Intelligent Asset resources co construction and sharing;

3. Global intelligent skill resources co construction and sharing;

N³ is a blockchain project with global application scenarios and grand blueprint under the guidance of the latest top-level architecture concept of blockchain. In the future, N³ will also actively promote the organic combination of blockchain technology, big data technology, AI technology and other cutting-edge technologies, optimize the governance mode of the network, return the value of data to itself, balance the separation of individual consciousness and intelligence, and form a more efficient and credible cooperation. On this basis, relying on the expanding business scale and user base, we will open up a broader market space outside the personal market and create more application scenarios for N³. 

The name of “N³ Horizon” indicates that n? Wants to penetrate the fragmented data economy region and realize the global integration of blockchain data economy. From a macro perspective, all enterprises or individuals who want to survive and prosper will need advanced technology and high-quality information encryption services. However, in fact, both enterprise and individual users are not interested in the behind the scenes technical details and protocols, they only focus on the final results: service quality, user experience and whether the transaction speed can be guaranteed. Therefore, based on the vision of improving the service experience of cooperation between users and enterprises and ultimately achieving global economic integration, the n? Horizon team is committed to achieve the goal.

N³ Consensus algorithm is based on PBFT, and the algorithm improvement is mainly reflected in:

1. Continue to use the pipelined PBFT’s alternate block out mechanism, as well as the agreed block out sequence and synchronization clock.

2. The consensus communication mechanism uses the existing point-to-point message delivery network, and uses the prepare and commit information confirmation of PBFT mechanism.

3. Using batch consensus algorithm instead of PBFT to achieve consensus for each block, the production of new block and the confirmation of old block can be carried out at the same time by broadcasting related information of multiple blocks at one time The “batch” feature of batch PBFT is the key to combine DPOS and PBFT. DPOS is continuously generating blocks, PBFT needs to pause consensus after generating blocks, and asynchronous information transfer makes it difficult for multiple nodes to achieve consensus at the same block height. Therefore, using the block chain Merkel tree method, different block out nodes can prepare for different heights of the chain, and the block that meets the prepared quantity can be calculated, so that multiple nodes can reach a consensus on the same block. Dynamic batch consensus makes pipeline block validation become real-time block validation. After each block is produced, broadcast the whole network immediately. While waiting for 0.5 seconds to produce the next block, the node will receive the confirmation results of other nodes for the previous block. The production of the new block and the acceptance of the confirmation of the old block are carried out at the same time. After a transaction occurs, six new blocks are generated in succession, and the transaction is really confirmed to be legal. In most cases, the N³ Consensus mechanism allows transactions to be confirmed within 3 seconds. This includes 0.5 seconds of block production and the time required for other nodes to confirm, which makes the transaction of the whole system approach real-time confirmation, and also makes n? Chain easy to realize more application scenarios.

In the sharing economy 1.0 and 2.0, the intermediary platform plays an important role by promoting transactions between users, and collects commissions for the service. All transactions are settled in French currency. However, in the new era of sharing economy 2.0, users can make point-to-point connection without intermediary and commission, and all transactions are solved in local token.

In addition, N³’s underlying blockchain architecture will provide users and enterprises with the opportunity to distribute their own tokens. With N³ Horizon, users can easily pay for and solve shared services. N³ Horizon also encourages users and service providers to contribute their idle resources to the ecosystem for more rewards and community interaction.

Thus, N³ will truly realize its vision: return data value to data creators!

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